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The West is simply the most iconic component of America’s landscape, history, and culture. Western perceptions and iconography are frequently viewed through external lenses as being either overly glamorized or tumultuous. The truth lies beyond the façade of film images, rough terrain, and stoic portraiture, which make up our basic understanding of Western lifestyles. Diverse cultural experiences reflect a mosaic of perspectives that truly reveal our shared West.

Liichokoshkomo’ (the Chickasaw phrase for “Let’s play!”), shares all aspects of our diverse Western heritage, core values, conflict resolution, and environmental stewardship through hands-on/minds-on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) integrated programming. This cultural meeting place will encourage children and families to explore Western heritage by examining differing viewpoints and historical perspective. The Museum hopes to impart an understanding of how to learn from the past; setting children on a path of constructive reflection, discovery and, life-long learning.

The Annie Oakley Society has dedicated their efforts to Liichokoshkomo’ as their cornerstone initiative. The groundbreaking was held on November 27, 2018 and construction is slated to begin in early 2019, with an estimated completion date of spring 2020.

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