5 Reasons Why Membership Matters

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In a world where we are bombarded with information, objects, and virtual experiences, authentic and well-curated engagements with history, art, and culture do matter, and as a member of the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum that is exactly what you get. Of course, members get free admission to the Museum, however memberships have an enormous value beyond this that most people do not know about.  Because of this we have compiled a list of the top five unexpected benefits of membership.

  1. Members make possible dynamic learning opportunities for children.

A significant portion of the funds raised through the sale of memberships goes toward providing children and school groups who otherwise might not have the opportunity a chance to immerse themselves in an educational experience. In fact, as an institution that receives no general operation funding from state or local entities, the Museum relies heavily upon our members to contribute a significant portion of the funds that make possible education and programming. Without our loyal supporters it would not be possible to provide school field trips and other educational activities like our Saturdays for Kids aimed at enriching the lives of children in our community.

  1. General Admission Is Free for Members.

As a Member, general admission to the Museum is free—so time is on your side. With 70,000 square feet of exhibition space the Museum is far more revealing and far less exhausting when taken a little at a time. With unlimited free admission, you can visit on a whim, take in something new, and walk out with great memories before overload sets in.

  1. Special Exhibition Admission Is Free and Members See Them First.

Special exhibitions are always worth a repeat visit. Members see them first, and they see them for free. Illuminating topics from Native American weavings to prestigious Western Art, the Museum’s special exhibitions are packed with information brought to you by world-renowned historians, curators, and artists.

With unlimited free admission to special exhibitions, Members can come back as often as they like to study every display, marvel at every painting, or try their hand at their favorite interactive exhibit one more time. And before each special exhibition opens to the public, Members are invited to a special preview after Museum hours.

  1. Members Can Go Behind the Scenes.

Members have the chance to follow an expert behind the scenes. For Members, a behind-the-scenes tour with a curator or collections manager is the perfect way to gain a thorough understanding of the Museum’s world-class collections. Whether joining one of our curators for exclusive gallery talks or attending one of our other member exclusive programs, only members get behind the scenes access.

  1. Members Get Great Discounts on Shopping and Eating at the Museum.

Museum members also receive a 15 percent discount on Museum shop purchases onsite and online, with numerous other special offers available throughout the year. And don’t forget the 15 percent discount offered to members at the Museum’s Restaurant. In addition to these discounts, members also receive special pricing for our seminars and classes lead by some of the world’s most prominent western artist.

Whether your West is that of Native cultures, the cowboy, or the magnificent paintings that bring alive the grandeur of the region, we can guarantee that within the walls of our institution your West is waiting to be discovered.

Numerous levels of memberships are available, making there a membership level for everyone. For more information on memberships or to purchase a membership please click here or call (405) 478-2250 ext. 251.


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