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More than 50 years ago, family owned and operated Hoffman Ranch began breeding top-quality cattle. Dennis Hoffman began his career through the 4-H/FFA programs in Oregon and spent many years working for established purebred ranches breeding several national champions. These opportunities created the knowledge, drive, and true Western spirit that drives the ranch today.

Originally from California, Hoffman, his wife, son, and daughter-in-law moved to Thedford, Nebraska, in 2008 to grow the family business. Since relocating, the ranch has expanded twice to encompass 5,200 acres of sand hills and pasture grounds. Without hesitation, Hoffman credits the ranch’s success to the strong bond he shares with his family.

“It takes all four of us to make it work,” said Dennis. “I was really inspired by my grandparents who were very hard working people who led me to think that this was what I wanted to do, too. It stuck with me and I try to pass that on to my children and grandchildren as well.”

Hoffman’s son, Jason, will tell you that he was simply born into this lifestyle but can’t imagine dedicating his life to anything else.

“Its hard work, but it’s never really felt like work because it’s what we do,” said Jason. “If we take a day off to go somewhere, it drives me nuts. No matter what we do or where we go, it has something to do with a cow and that’s just kind of us, I guess.”

Like many families in the West, the Hoffman’s truly embody the region’s vibrant history and rich culture. The West can be defined, but the people who symbolize the region represent so much more.

“The people you’re around are as good as they come, and there’s no better people than what you find in the sand hills of Nebraska,” said Dennis. “I wish all my grandkids could grow up here where people are honest, a handshake means something, and we all look out for each other. One of your biggest assets in the sand hills are your neighbors.”

Dennis is optimistic that his commitment, integrity, and true Western spirit will be passed down for many generations to come.

“I have eight grandkids and hopefully some of them want to continue with this, too,” said Dennis. “I hope they get the rewards and the pride that come with making something better.”


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