You Name It, We Go There.

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Reproduction Enterprises Inc. (REI) was established in 1978 in Stillwater, Oklahoma and has continued improving processes since. REI strives to pair experienced staff members with innovative technologies to increase efficiency in the collection, processing, and freezing of quality semen.

REI offers reproductive services for bovine, equine, goats, sheep, deer, buffalo, and dogs. Other services include in-clinic and on-farm artificial insemination services, embryo recovery/transfer services, ultrasound services, in-vitro fertilization, oocyte aspirations, and sheep and goat laparoscopic amenities.

“More people are getting into the industry but there aren’t many facilities like ours,” Laurie Henderson said. We are unique in that we are located in the central U.S., we can ship anywhere, we have several shippers available, and we can ship orders the same day.”

“We do work in Florida, we flush in Indiana, and we will flush in Nebraska,” Ron Dilley said. “You name it, we go there.”

In addition to reproductive services offered in-clinic and on-farm, REI also offers educational workshops. Training courses cover artificial insemination, embryo transfer, and palpation, making REI even more unique.

But, REI does not stop there in terms of education. They want to ensure they share their knowledge.

“As the industry changes,” Kyle O’Nan, D.V.M. said, “we try to stay on top of it. Having the schools and the conventions we attend, we try to educate as many people as we can to give them the best results.

REI strives to go above and beyond in the reproductive field to better the industry and will continue to do so in all future endeavors.


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