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The Museum will close at 4:00 p.m. on Friday, June 9 and Saturday June 10 for an event.

Curator Conversation: Fraser’s Lincoln and Public Art Today

Join Curator of Cowboy Collections and Western Art Michael Grauer and Amena Butler, Studio School Assistant, Oklahoma Contemporary Arts Center, as they discuss James Earle Fraser’s Abraham Lincoln sculpture on exhibit at the National Cowboy Museum. Grauer and Butler will discuss Lincoln from an art history perspective and the impact public art can have on … Continued

Curator Conversation: In-Depth to W I D E W E S T

Panoramic photographs offer a wealth of information about the landscapes of the West and the wide variety of people that inhabited them. Go deeper with W I D E W E S T and learn some of the stories behind the panoramic photographs on exhibit. Archivist Samantha Schafer will share the stories behind the people … Continued

Curator Conversation: Welcoming Sundown

Art appreciation rarely involves appreciating the daily grind of life as an artist. Come hear the stories that make up the day-to-day trials and tribulations of artists and the people who were responsible for keeping them from starving. Welcome Sundown by Hollis Williford which greets guests at the entrance to the National Cowboy Museum will … Continued

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