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Milburn & Jane Stone Papers, 1910-1989
1.0 cubic feet (2 document boxes)
Location: 0190
Collection #: 051
Accession #: 92.015, 97.28


The Milburn & Jane Stone Papers contains interviews, a draft of Milburn Stone’s autobiography, biographical information, photographs, slides, audiocassettes, and reel-to-reel tapes related to his career and personal life. The collection contains extensive biographical notes and background material of Milburn Stone’s portrayal of “Doc” in the television series Gunsmoke. Publicity photographs and slides from Gunsmoke along with Milburn Stone’s autobiographical data highlight the collection.


Most notable for his portrayal of “Doc” on Gunsmoke, Milburn Stone began his career with Monogram Pictures Film Company during the 1930s. He appeared in over 140 films spanning four decades. In 1955, he accepted the role of “Doc” on Gunsmoke and achieved celebrity status from the popular television series. Born July 5, 1904 in Burrton, Kansas he was a Kansas State alumnus. Proud of his Kansas heritage, he was an Honorary Marshall of Dodge City. He died of a heart attack on June 12, 1980 in La Jolla, California.

The collection contains a draft of Stone’s autobiography, biographical material about his personal and professional life, and 60 photographs related to Gunsmoke, and his early movie career. There are also thirty-five slides, a majority of which duplicate the photographs, along with audio recordings of interviews.

Series 1: Autobiographical (ca. 1970s)
This series includes chapter drafts of his autobiography and transcripts of interviews given by Stone.

Series 2: Biographical Material (1910-1989)
This consists of materials related to his career including personal appearances, clippings, interviews, scripts from Gunsmoke, and his appearances at the Western Heritage Awards.

Series 3: Photographs & Negatives (ca. 1930s – ca. 1970s)
This includes individual and group photographs of “Gunsmoke” characters. There are a small number of Hutchinson, Kansas photographs along with film publicity photographs.

Series 4: Slides (ca. 1930s- ca. 1970s)
This includes slides duplicating the photographs of Stone’s early acting roles and Gunsmoke. A small number of the slides depict Hutchinson and Dodge City, Kansas, and Milburn Stone’s wife, Jane Stone.

Series 5: Audio Cassettes (1980-1983)
This includes two cassettes of a Milburn Stone interview and the theme song from Gunsmoke. Those audio cassettes were digitized to CDs in 2011.

Series 6: Reel-to-Reel Tapes (1980)
This series consists of six reel-to-reel tapes of a Milburn Stone interview taped May 23, 1980. Reel-to-reel recordings were dubbed to audio cassettes April 2003. Those audio cassettes dubs were digitized to CDs in 2011.

Personal Names:
Arness, James
Blake, Amanda
Curtis, Ken
Stone, Jane
Stone, Milburn
Weaver, Dennis

Film and Television Titles:
Atlantic Flight
Black Tuesday
Blazing Barriers
Blind Alley
Chasing Trouble
A Doctor’s Diary
Federal Bullets
The Private War of Major Benson
Sky Dragon
Sky Pilot
Stunt Pilot
Swing Brother Swing
The Three Musketeers
Trouble for Two
White Feather

Corporate Names:
Monogram Pictures
Universal-International Pictures

In 1992, the collection received an accession number and catalog numbers on all photographs and slides. The collection was separated into two storage locations and not accessioned until November 2001. The collection was assigned an accession number in 1992. The photographs and slides were segregated from the tapes and stored in a document box. In November 2001, Pam Bell accessioned the complete collection, including audiocassettes, reel-to-reel tapes, biographical information and copies of Milburn Stone’s autobiography drafts previously stored in a separate location. Upon receipt of the collection, folder files were established for temporary order. These folders were maintained with series division established at the time of the collection’s final accessioning.

The collection is open for research. It is advisable for researchers to discuss their proposed research with staff prior to visiting the Center.

Milburn & Jane Stone Papers, Box ##, Folder ##, Dickinson Research Center, National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Series 1: Autobiographical – ca. 1970s

Box/Folder # Folder Title/Description
001/001 Preface, chapters 1-3, memo, cover letter
001/002 Burrton and Before Show Business
001/003 Show Business Before Hollywood I
001/004 Show Business Before Hollywood II
001/005 Show Business, California to New York
001/006 Return to California, Hollywood
Interview Transcripts
001/007 Tape XVI, prologue, youth
001/008 Tape XVII
001/009 Tape XVIII, Carey I
001/010 Tape XVIII, Carey II
001/011 Charlton Heston tape
001/012 Dr. Balsch tape

Series 2: Biographical Materials – 1910-1989

Box/Folder # Folder Title/Description
C01/D01 Advertising, “When the West Was Fun: A Western Reunion,” 1979
001/013 Burrton High School and Kansas, 1910-1922
001/014 Clippings, 1976-1980
001/015 Clippings, Daily Globe, Dodge City, Kansas, 1955-1958
001/016 Funeral and memorials, 1980
001/017 Golden Globe nomination, 1971
001/018 Interview of Milburn Stone conducted by Dick Russell, “A Day with Doc,” ca. 1960s
002/001 Interviews, Milburn Stone, ca. 1970s
002/002 Letters, 1974-1983
002/003 “Never Let ‘Em Catch You At It,” An Evening with Milburn Stone, 1989
002/004 Newspaper publicity, 1962
002/005 Personal appearances, 1967-1989
002/006 Script, Gunsmoke, “He Who Steals,” 1965
002/007 Script proposal, Valley Center U.S.A., ca. 1960s
002/008 Western Heritage Awards, 1970-1982

Series 3: Photographs & Negatives – ca. 1930s-ca. 1970s

Box/Folder# Folder Title/Description
002/009 Photographs, .01-.12
“White Feather,” 1955 [92.15.1]
“Black Tuesday,” 1954 [92.15.2]
“Port of Missing Girls,” Milburn Stone, Judith Allen, 1938 [92.15.3]
Milburn Stone in military costume, n.d. [92.15.3]
Emmy Awards, Milburn Stone, Barbara Anderson, 1968 [92.15.4]
Milburn and Jane Stone welcomed back after heart attack, w/ negative, 1971 [92.15.6]
Milburn Stone woodworking, promotional photograph, 1946 [92.15.7]
Milburn Stone with unidentified man, at piano, ca. 1930s [92.15.8]
Milburn Stone, Ken Curtis with Kansas Jayhawk mascot, ca. 1960s [92.15.9]
“Stunt Pilot,” Milburn Stone, Margorie Reynolds, John Trent, 1939 [92.15.10]
“Cross Your Fingers” aka “Hat Check Honey,” 1943 [92.15.11]
“Stunt Pilot,” Milburn Stone, John Trent, 1939 [92.15.12]
002/010 Photographs, .13-.24
“A Doctor’s Diary,” Milburn Stone, Molly Lamont, 1937 [92.15.13]
“Blind Alley,” Milburn Stone, 1939 [92.15.14]
“Smoke Signal,” Milburn Stone, 1955 [92.15.15]
Milburn Stone with Sebastian Cabot and “Family Affair” cast, ca. 1970 [92.15.16]
“Sky Dragon,” Joel Marston, Noel Neill, Milburn Stone, 1949 [92.15.17]
“Chasing Trouble,” Milburn Stone, 1940 [92.15.18]
Milburn Stone, Ken Curtis with Kansas Jayhawk mascot, ca. 1960s [92.15.19]
“Swing Brother Swing” aka “Swing It, Professor,” Milburn Stone, 1937 [92.15.20]
“The Private War of Major Benson,” Milburn Stone, Charlton Heston, 1955 [92.15.21]
Milburn Stone, Amanda Blake, Dennis Weaver on stage, n.d. [92.15.22]
Gunsmoke, James Arness, Amanda Blake, Ken Curtis, Milburn Stone w/ negative, n.d. [92.15.23]
Milburn Stone on film set, n.d. [92.15.24]
002/011 Photographs, .25-.32
Milburn Stone in his wood shop in promotional photograph, n.d. [91.15.25]
Dining Room, n.d. [91.15.26]
Milburn Stone with unidentified woman, 1946 [91.15.27]
Milburn Stone with his handmade furniture in promotional photograph, 1946 [91.15.28]
Milburn Stone at Air Force Academy, 1973 [91.15.29]
Milburn Stone in Gunsmoke titles, n.d. [91.15.30]
“Young Mr. Lincoln,” Milburn Stone, Marjorie Weaver w/ Weaver inscription, ca. 1940s [92.15.31]
Milburn Stone as Doc, n.d. [92.15.32]
002/012 Photographs, .33-.40
“Atlantic Flight,” Milburn Stone, 1937 [92.15.33]
“The 13th Man,” Milburn Stone, 1937 [92.15.34]
“Federal Bullets,” Milburn Stone, 1937 [92.15.35]
“Federal Bullets,” Milburn Stone, 1937 [92.15.36]
“The Private War of Major Benson,” Milburn Stone portrait, 1955 [92.15.37]
“Blazing Barriers,” Frank Coughlin, Jr., Florine McKinney, Milburn Stone, 1937 [92.15.38]
“Trouble for Two,” Milburn Stone, n.d. [92.15.39]
“Arrowhead,” Charlton Heston, Milburn Stone, 1953 [92.15.40]
002/013 Photographs, .41-.48
Milburn and Glennis Stone, ca. 1910 [92.15.41]
Milburn Stone in Dodge City, ca. 1960s [92.15.42]
Glenn Strange as Sam w/ autograph, ca. 1970 [92.15.43]
Buck Taylor as Newly w/ autograph, ca. 1970 [92.15.44]
Milburn Stone in Dodge City, ca. 1960s [92.15.45]
Milburn Stone in costume in Dodge City w/ negative, ca. 1960s [92.15.46]
Milburn Stone, Amanda Blake in costume in Dodge City w/ negative, ca. 1960s [92.15.47]
Milburn Stone in costume signing autographs in Dodge City, ca. 1960s [92.15.48]
002/014 Photographs, .49-.57, .86-.87
L’Dora class of 1914 with Milburn Stone and classmates, 1914 [92.15.49]
“The Three Mesquiteers,” Milburn Stone in group, 1936 [92.15.50]
Milburn Stone in western costume w/ negative, n.d. [92.15.51]
Milburn Stone in his boat, ca. 1960s [92.15.52]
Milburn Stone as Doc, studio portrait, ca. 1955 [92.15.53]
Milburn Stone as Doc, late studio portrait, ca. 1970s [92.15.54]
Milburn Stone as Doc, studio portrait, ca. 1960s [92.15.55]
Dennis Weaver as Chester, portrait, ca. 1960s [92.15.56]
Milburn and Jane Stone, ca. 1970s [91.15.57]
Amanda Blake as Miss Kitty, studio portrait, ca. 1955 [92.15.86]
James Arness as Matt Dillon, studio portrait w/ negative, ca. 1955 [92.15.87]
002/015 Amanda Blake as Miss Kitty, autographed studio portrait, 1964 [92.15.88]

Series 4: Slides – ca. 1930s-ca. 1970s

Box/Folder # Folder Title/Description
002/016 Personal and professional images, ca. 1930s-ca. 1970s [34]

Series 5: Audio Cassettes – 1980-1983

Box/Folder # Folder Title/Description
003/001 MS Theatre master tape, Korbelik intro and Milburn Stone interview, 1980, 15 minutes [1]
Includes audio cassette dub.
Gunsmoke theme, 1983 [1]
Includes audio cassette dub.

Series 6: Reel-to-Reel – 1980

Box/Folder # Folder Title/Description
003/001 Milburn Stone interview and Kansas Sheriff Youth Ranch commercial, 1980 [6]
Includes audio cassette and CD dubs.
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