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Laura K. “Doddie” Sugg Collection
Creator: Laura K. “Doddie” Sugg
Dates: 1940-2009 and n.d., bulk 1940-1945
Quantity: 3 inches
Accession: RC2019.004


This collection contains 89 photographs by Dudley Young and others of the Ada Fireman’s Rodeo, parade, and festivities.

Biographical Sketch

Laura K. “Doddie” Sugg was raised in Ada, Oklahoma, and participated in the Ada Fireman’s Rodeo. The annual rodeo started in August 1935, and in 1948, it beat the Cheyenne Frontier Days as the most-attended outdoor rodeo in the world that year. In its modern era, the rodeo raises money for the Ada Fire Department and serves as the Southern Region Tour Finals for the International Professional Rodeo Association.

The Laura K. “Doddie” Sugg Collection is comprised of 89 of photographs, one book The Ada Rodeo: An Incredible Saga by Ann Klepper, and a newspaper clipping about the rodeo. It is arranged alphabetically by photograph subject. Many of the photographs in the Collection were taken by Dudley Young.

Note to the Researcher
Also donated to the National Cowboy Museum were Doddie Sugg’s boots, gloves, and bolero jacket.

A scrapbook created by Doddie Sugg was donated by her daughter to the Pontotoc County Historical and Genealogical Society in Ada, Oklahoma. The scrapbook contains materials related to the Ada Fireman’s Rodeo. Additionally, the Sugg family archive, dating 1860-1950, was donated to the Oklahoma Historical Society.


Subject Terms:
Rodeos—Women in rodeos
Rodeo contestants

Ada, Oklahoma
Lazy D Ranch

Adair, Bill
Adams, Alice, 1907-1994 (Alice Anderson Adams Holden)
Binns, H.D., 1909-1978
Brooks, Louis, 1916-1983
Burke, Clyde
Byers, Chester, 1892-1945
Cornish, Cecil, 1909-2003
Crawford, Bill
Crosby, Bob, 1897-1947
Gay, Catherine
Goodspeed, Buck, 1906-1991
Howell, Cecil
Kniffin, Ernest
Lindsay, John, 1960-1974
Long, Hughie, 1907-1987
Marcum, “Wolf”
Merritt, King, 1894-1953
Murray, Leo, 1902-1980
Nesbit, Jonnie
Nuckols, Reno “Texas Kidd, Jr.”
Pike, Fred
Rigsby, Clyde
Robinson, Jack
Rooney-Wilson, Lonnie
Sampson, Jean
Saward, Ace
Sugg, Laura K. “Doddie”
Tindall, Glorene
Truitt, Dick, 1904-1980
Whiteman, Hub
Wilkinson, Billie
Yardley, George

The Laura K. “Doddie” Sugg Collection was donated to the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in 2019 by Sarah Roane.

The Laura K. “Doddie” Sugg Collection has no restrictions and is available for research. If you are interested in researching the materials, please contact the Dickinson Research Center to make an appointment.

Laura K. “Doddie” Sugg Collection, Box ##, Folder ##. Dickinson Research Center, National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Click the blue links to see the images in the collection. If you are interested in high resolution images for publication or personal study, please contact the Dickinson Research Center at askarchives@nationalcowboymuseum.org

Box Folder Accession Number Folder Title / Description
1 1 n/a Ada Fireman’s Rodeo history, 2009 and n.d.
1 2 RC2019.004.022 RC2019.004.029 RC2019.004.030 RC2015.004.031 RC2019.004.032 RC2019.004.033 RC2019.004.034 RC2019.004.041 RC2019.004.045 RC2019.004.046 RC2019.004.048 RC2019.004.051 RC2019.004.077 RC2019.004.081 Ada Fireman’s Rodeo opening ceremonies, winners, and arena, 1941 and n.d.
1 3 RC2019.004.004 RC2019.004.006 RC2019.004.016 RC2019.004.036 RC2019.004.037 RC2019.004.038 RC2019.004.040 RC2019.004.042 RC2019.004.052 RC2019.004.053 RC2019.004.068 Ada Fireman’s Rodeo parade, August 15, 1941 and n.d.
1 4 RC2019.004.008 RC2019.004.009 RC2019.004.011 Adair, Bill, 1941-1942
1 5 RC2019.004.021 RC2019.004.026 RC2019.004.050 RC2019.004.078 Adams, Alice, 1941
1 6 RC2019.004.025
RC2019.004.084 RC2019.004.087
Binns, H.D., n.d.
1 7 RC2019.004.028 Brooks, Louis, 1941
1 8 RC2019.004.047 Burke, Clyde, 1941
1 9 RC2019.004.055 RC2019.004.080 Byers, Chester, n.d.
1 10 RC2019.004.057 RC2019.004.058 Cornish, Cecil, n.d.
1 11 RC2019.004.015 RC2019.004.044 Crawford, Mayor Bill, 1941
1 12 RC2019.004.007 RC2019.004.024 RC2019.004.067 Crosby, Bob, 1946
1 13 RC2019.004.010 Gay, Catherine, 1941
1 14 RC2019.004.088 Goodspeed, Buck, n.d.
1 15 RC2019.004.017 Hereford Day, Lazy D Ranch, 1945
1 16 RC2019.004.061 Howell, Cecil, n.d.
1 17 RC2019.004.013 Kniffin, Sargent Ernest, 1942
1 18 RC2019.004.049 RC2019.004.054 Lindsay, John, and Johnnie Nesbit, n.d.
1 19 RC2019.004.089 Long, Hughie, n.d.
1 20 RC2019.004.070 Marcum, “Wolf,” n.d.
1 21 RC2019.004.079 Merritt, King, 1941
1 22 RC2019.004.062 Murray, Leo, n.d.
1 23 RC2019.004.064 “Nocona Slim,” n.d.
1 24 RC2019.004.023 RC2019.004.043 RC2019.004.060 Nuckols, Reno “Texas Kidd Jr.,” n.d.
1 25 RC2019.004.071 Pike, Fred, n.d.
1 26 RC2019.004.014 Rigsby, Clyde, 1943
1 27 RC2019.004.066 Robinson, Jack, n.d.
1 28 RC2019.004.082 Rooney-Wilson, Lonnie, and Hub Whiteman, n.d.
1 29 RC2019.004.074 Sampson, Jean, n.d.
1 30 RC2019.004.083 Saward, Ace, n.d.
1 31 RC2019.004.065 “Slick Weir,” n.d.
1 32 RC2019.004.001
RC2019.004.002 RC2019.004.003 RC2019.004.005 RC2019.005.012 RC2019.004.027 RC2019.004.075
Laura K. “Doddie” Sugg, 1940-1945
1 33 RC2019.004.073 RC2019.004.076 Tirdall, Glorene, n.d.
1 34 RC2019.004.039 RC2019.004.085 Truitt, Dick, n.d.
1 35 RC2019.004.018 RC2019.004.019 RC2019.004.020 RC2019.004.035 RC2019.004.056 RC2019.004.063 RC2019.004.067 RC2019.004.072 Unidentified, n.d.
1 36 RC2019.004.086 Wilkinson, Billie, n.d.
1 37 RC2019.004.059 Yardley, George, n.d.


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