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Wyoming Moose, Wind River

Carl Rungius

Oil on canvas
25 x 30 in.
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Rungius was one of the most influential wildlife artists in twentieth-century North America, and the recognized leader in the field.  In childhood in Germany, Rungius developed a passion for hunting and wildlife that set the stage for his life work.  He studied wildlife painting at the Berlin Academy and began his career in Germany before immigrating to the United States in 1894.  His arrival in the United States coincided with the country’s growing concerns over wildlife conservation.  Traveling in the West but maintaining his studio in New York to be close to publishers, Rungius spent more time in the wilderness than any other artist, allowing him to gain insight into animals and their environment.  His “truth to nature” was admired, and he found plentiful work as an illustrator for wildlife magazines and books.  Philip Goodwin introduced Rungius to Charlie Russell there in 1909, the year that Rungius decided to leave illustration and concentrate on painting the animals and landscape of the American West and Canada.

Wyoming Moose, Wind River is characteristic of Rungius’ images of his favorite animal.  Painted during one of Rungius’ extended trips to Wyoming, it shows the moose in a quiet high country setting.  Bold, expressive brushwork delineates figure and landscape, highlighting his mastery of animal anatomy.

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