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Best of the West (Grades 3-12)

Best of the West (Grades 3 – 12): The frontier was home to many indigenous tribes and settled by rugged, versatile pioneers. During this program students will compare and contrast Native American and non-Indian lifestyles, explore the legend of the American cowboy, analyze and interpret premier Western art using visual thinking strategy inquiry, and identify how artifacts and artwork help communicate the story of the West today.

Emigrants Crossing the Plains

Charles M. Russell: The Cowboy Artist

Fredric Remington: The Sculptor

Fredric Remington: The Illustrator

Fredric Remington: A Portrait of the West

Windows to the West

People on the Move (Grades K-6)

Explore the nomadic culture of America’s indigenous Plains Indians through artifact and art. In this program students will identify cultural aspects of nomadic peoples, analyze how the Plains Indians utilized materials from the environment to create material culture, and compare and contrast historic and contemporary traditions.

Cultural Spotlights

Vanessa Jennings (Kiowa)

Bruce Cesar (Pawnee)

Anita Fields (Osage)

Explore the West Segments

Kiowa Six

The Native American Drum: Into the Circle

Silberman Collection

Head Dresses



The American Cowboy (Grades K – 6)

From the day’s beginning before the sun rises to the day’s end after the sun sets, a cowboy’s job requires long hours and hard labor. In this program, students discover the cowboy’s life by considering: What was a cowboy’s day like? Where did they eat, sleep, and socialize? What did cowboys wear and what equipment did he use? Students will find the answers to these questions and more while honing their observation skills and imagining themselves in the saddle throughout the Museum exhibition.

History of the Cowboy Hat

The Cowboy’s Horse

Barb Wire

History of Branding: Irons in the Fire

The Chuck Wagon

Paniolo Cowboy

Arena Legacy: Rodeo Origins

The Ranch Life


Arena Legacy: Tie Down Roping

Arena Legacy: The Ride

Arena Legacy: Team Roping

Arena Legacy: Steer Wrestling

Arena Legacy: Saddle Bronc Riding

Arena Legacy: Bull Riding

Arena Legacy: Barrel Racing

Arena Legacy: Trick Riding

Oklahoma as the West (Grades 3 – 4)

The frontier was settled by rugged, versatile pioneers from around the world. They moved into the new frontier for many reasons, and Oklahoma was no exception. Students will compare and contrast life in the state for its Native American population and turn-of-the-century settlers, analyze the role of the military including the Buffalo Soldier, explore life in a recreated turn-of-the-century frontier town, and make comparisons to their lives today.

Anita Fields (Osage) 

The Fur Trade

Explore the West: Uniting a Nation 

Project at Home

Click Here for a few craft and art projects that you can do from home

Mystery History Box

Welcome to the Cowboy Museum’s Mystery History Box – Women of the West Edition!

This interactive, educational box for kids is designed by the staff at the Cowboy, and full of crafts, games and a special surprise to help make learning about the West more fun!

Each box includes a coloring book, three crafts, and bandanna to color, a lariat, and a canvas to create your own Western masterpiece!

The coloring book features prominent women from Western history, and puzzles and games that relate to each lady.

Entertain little ones, and watch them learn about the diverse and lively history of the West!

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