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Become a Guardian of the West

The great stories of the American West exist because of teachers, scholars, elders, and storytellers. Since opening in 1965, the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum embraced this story telling tradition. It continues today through the strength and passion of volunteers. Volunteers interpret the evolving history and culture of the West. The Museum’s success and guest experience depend upon their generous time, effort, energy, and expertise


Museum Docents are both teachers and learners. Docents create the social and educative environment in which Museum teaching and learning take place. Docents work in the galleries and classrooms conducting museum-based lessons and integrating tour themes with exhibition content, and some choose to work with all ages, while others prefer working with just adults or with students. (Note – Training occurs annually on Tuesdays and Thursdays in August and September.)

Education Assistant

Education Assistants help with programming for students, children, and families, in the Museum galleries, classroom, or meeting spaces to enhance the quality of the visitor experience and help learners connect with collections and exhibitions. Activities may range from gathering teaching materials, demonstrating crafts, or leading parts of a museum-based lesson plan.

Event Assistant

Event Assistants are volunteers for either the Development Department (Special Events) or the Finance Department (Facility Rentals and Meetings) at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum work closely with and support the staff in the duties of preparing for group registration, implementation, and event follow-up.

Mail Assistant

These positions support the Museum by performing the clerical task of stuffing envelopes for invitations, fund-raising letters or other mass-mailing correspondence. Mailing Assistants support the Mailroom directly by providing a sufficient number of volunteers to finish the job in a few hours, so the Mailroom can focus upon labeling and bundling the envelopes for delivery to the US postal system.

Program Assistant

Program Assistants conduct public programs in the galleries, classroom, or meeting spaces to enhance the quality of the visitor experience and help visitors interpret collections and exhibitions. Activities may range from introducing speakers to leading book club discussions, with a general focus on adult learners. This is a good opportunity if you enjoy working with people, are friendly, enjoy meeting new people, and being an ambassador for arts and culture, the Museum, and the community.

Welcome Host

Welcome Hosts greet visitors, distribute general information, orient and educate visitors about Museum exhibitions, galleries, and programs, answers general questions about the area. As public relations ambassadors for the Museum, they are among the first, front-line team members visitors encounter and they help set a positive tone for visitors’ experiences. (Note – Training includes occurs annually in February.)

Seasonal Volunteers

Seasonal Volunteers serve in roles that vary month to month and are not regularly scheduled. This requires only 1 shift per year in the assigned role(s) and includes the following roles:

Art Seller

Art sellers participate in the Prix de West, Traditional Cowboy Artist Sale & Exhibition and Small Works, Great Wonders. including answering questions about specific artists and their works, the process for purchasing individual pieces by drop-bid, drawing names of potential buyers, and verifying and posting buyers names. A benefit of this role it that art sellers have the opportunity to network with renowned Western artists and other art enthusiasts from across the country.

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