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Annie Oakley Society
Trailblazer Award
Awarded in 2015
  Annie Oakley Society Founding Members

Annie Oakley Society Founding Members

United States

Trailblazer Award

“Trailblazer” is used frequently by the Annie Oakley Society and refers to those who create a path for others to follow. They come in all shapes and sizes and regardless of position or background, every individual has the opportunity to become a Trailblazer. Never has this been proven truer then by the educators, mothers, community leaders, executives and philanthropists who helped found the Annie Oakley Society. These 52 women, from States across our nation, were the first to see the immense opportunity to shape future generations through the rich history of the American West. These wonderful women and the work they have done to make the communities in which they live a better place are a shining example of what can happen when you “aim high.”

Founding Members:

Mary  Ellen Alexander
Linda Benham
Louise Bennett
Glenda Harder Bertelsmeyer
Ryla Bouchier
Linda Bouchier*
Cassandra Bowen
Ann Brown*
Jo Carol Cameron
Frances Herndon Chandler*
Linda Mitchell Davis
Jeanetta Dobson
Jan English
Christy Everest
Gayle Everest
Josephine Freede*
Lynn Friess
Nedra Funk
Jennifer Grigsby
Jan Henry
Susan Hoffman
Sheila Ingram
Cathy Keating
Joffa Kerr
Kavar Kerr
Christina Calvert Lee
Judy Love
Nedra Mateucci
Marcia Mayo
Katie McClendon
Billie McKnight
LaDonna Meinders
Jenny Love Meyer
Jeaneen Naifeh
Catherine Nicholas
Polly Nichols
Yvonne Parish
Janine Regier
Marianne Rooney
Patti Rosenfeld*
Meg Salyer
Majorie Sands*
Avis Scaramucci
Jeannette Sias*
Milann Siegfried
Sandra Simon
Barbara Simons
Carolyn Swanson
Marcia Taylor
Kathy Taylor
Myra Ward
Leahray Wroten


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