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National Rodeo Hall of Fame
Inducted in 2020
Bobby Steiner

Bobby Steiner



Bobby and Sid Steiner are the third and fourth generation of legendary rodeo producers Buck and his son Tommy of Steiner Rodeo Company. Bobby was born November 27, 1951, and son, Sid, December 8, 1974, in Austin, Texas. Bobby competed as a bull rider and bareback rider from 1968 to 1973, qualifying for the NFR three years and becoming the 1973 RCA World Champion Bull Rider. Bobby then became part of Steiner Rodeo Company. Sid competed as a steer wrestler from 1995 to 2002, when he became the PRCA Steer Wrestling World Champion.  He got the nickname “Sid Rock” because he competed as such a distinct rebel in the spirit of showmanship. He was sought constantly by media for his new twist in cowboy legacy. His dad, Bobby, also had the knack for showmanship in his era and himself received the PBR Ring of Honor. They both presently ranch and are helping Sid’s young son, Rocker, become a bareback competitor and daughter, Steely, a barrel racer. The duo own top-rated Steiner Steakhouse on Lake Travis and Vaqueros, a Mexican restaurant in Austin. Both actively continue to support rodeo and rodeo competitors in many different ways. Inducted with Sid Steiner

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