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National Rodeo Hall of Fame
Inducted in 2022
Jake Beutler

Jake Beutler



Stock Contractor, Steer Riding

Jake Beutler was born February 15, 1903, near Okarche, Oklahoma Territory. Later, the Beutler family settled just north of Elk City, Oklahoma. In 1924, Jake and brother Lynn saw their first rodeo in Canadian, Texas, and decided the pageantry and excitement of it was what they wanted to do. The brothers’ first contracting experience was trailing ten horses to the Custer County Fair Rodeo in Clinton, Oklahoma, where they earned $150. Jake, Lynn and Elra Beutler built one of the largest stock producing companies in rodeo and were innovative in their selection of stock and production of their rodeos. Jake was in charge of the stock and transportation. Although his responsibilities were behind the scenes, his role ensured the Beutler Brothers Rodeo Company would become one of the most successful rodeo stock contracting companies in North America. Beutler Brothers’ rodeos were some of the biggest and best, and their stock was well known — one of their most famous animals was Descent, considered one of the greatest broncs in the history of professional rodeo, receiving Bucking Horse of the Year honors six times. In 1968, the Beutlers sold their company to Harry Vold and Mike Cervi. Jake Beutler then ranched near Carpenter, Oklahoma, until he passed away on March 23, 1975.

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