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National Rodeo Hall of Fame
Inducted in 2023
Skipper Voss

Skipper Voss




Skipper Voss was born March 15, 1944 at Alvin, Texas. He started his bullfighting career in South Texas. It was 12 years later, when working for Steiner Rodeo Company in 1973, that he joined the PRCA. Voss worked 135 rodeos his first year in the PRCA, and in his second year he worked 142. Voss was selected to work the National Finals Rodeo in 1974 and 1978. In 1980 and 1981 he was in the Black Velvet Tournament of Champions. Jim Sutton began the World Champion Bullfights and invited Skipper, with Wick Peth and Miles Hare, to the first meeting. Voss won the Beauty and the Beast World Champion Bullfights in 1982 at age 38, edging out Miles Hare. He had several injuries to his knees that eventually caused him to retire. Voss is considered by many of his contemporaries to be one of the best bullfighters ever; many say he has bull sense. Voss was inducted to the Texas Rodeo Cowboy Hall of Fame in 2006; the Central Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame and the Bull Riding Hall of Fame in 2015; and received the South Central Texas Rodeo Ring of Honor in 2017. He currently lives in Waco, Texas.

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