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Windows to the West – Wilson Hurley Triptychs

Windows to the West – Wilson Hurley Triptychs

Completed between 1992 and 1996 by Wilson Hurley, These breathtaking, larger than life triptychs reside in the Sam Noble Special Event Center at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. Each of the 16′ x 46′ triptychs, dubbed “Windows to the West,” depict a particular Western location caught at sunset, and all, except one, have the same horizon line with the light streaming in from the West. The New Mexico Suite, was completed in 1992, and demonstrates an apocalyptic sky over the Sandia Mountains as viewed from the Rio Grande near Albuquerque. Completed in 1993, the Arizona Suite is a view of the Grand Canyon from an unusual lower level looking upward. And finished in 1994, The California Suite, depicting the sun setting over the ocean over Point Lobos on the Pacific Coast near Carmel. The Utah Suite, completed in 1995, is a magnificent view of Monument Valley under a cloudless sky. Finally, in 1996, Wyoming Suite, is a spectacular view of the lower falls of the Yellowstone River, complete the assemblage.

For more information on the Windows to the West, visit the Dickinson Research Center.

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