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Creator: Helen Biggers
Dates: 1868-1939, nd
Quantity: 5 inches
Accession: H.98


This collection covers a number of primary readers and educational materials during the late 1800s and early 1900s. One very interesting item is a handwritten journal with meeting notes of the Stray Horse Association, circa 1868, with small sketches of brands and lists of post office locations near where stray horses were noted. Also included is a personal handwritten notebook of recipes and household hints.


At this time we have no biographical information about the donor of this collection, Helen Biggers.

This collection contains 14 books over various subjects. Some of the subjects included are: How to WriteMonroe’s New First ReaderHall’s Composition BookRevised Normal LessonsExerciseDiscovery of Guiana, and New Method with U.S. History and Civics. There are 12 books missing from the collection.

Subject Headings:
Alternative medicine
College readers
Family medicine
Readers (Elementary)–1870-1950
Traditional medicine

Processing of this collection took place around the time of its acquisition. A scope and content note was written by librarian Karen Spilman in September 2003. The current finding aid was created and posted online by archivist Laura Anne Heller in October 2009.

The collection is open for research. It is advisable for researchers to discuss their proposed research with staff prior to visiting the Center.

Helen Biggers Collection, Box ##, Folder ##, Dickinson Research Center, National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Series 1: Helen Biggers Collection
Box/Folder # Accession # Description
01/01 H.98.310 How to Write. Powell’s Language Series, Part II. n.d.
01/01 H.98.308 Grammar School: History of the United States. Anderson’s Historical Series. n.d.
01/02 H.98.311 Monroe’s New First Reader. Monroe’s New Series – Second Book. E. H. Butler & Co., Philadelphia. Copyright, 1882 & 1885 by Mrs. Lewis B. Monroe.
01/02 H.98.312 Hall’s Composition Outlines, or Outlines, Plans, Schemes and Suggestions for Composition Writing by Hattie C. Hall. Chicago: A. Flanagan, Publishers, 1887.
01/03 H.98.313 Revised Normal Lessons by Jesse Lyman Hurlbut. New York: Hunt & Eaton, 1893.
01/03 H.98.314 Exercises. Publisher and date unknown.
01/04 H.98.315 Hand Book for the Teachers’ Botanical Aid, Prepared by Bertha M. Furman, Teacher of Botany in the Veltin School, New York City. Chicago: Western Publishing House. n.d.
01/04 H.98.316 Chautauqua Language Series: Second German Book After the Natural or Pestalozzian Method for Schools and Home Instruction by James H. Worman, A.M., Ph.D., Author of a Series for the Modern Languages, etc.; and Professor in the Adelphi Academy, Brooklyn, N.Y. New York & Chicago: A.S. Barnes & Company, 1881.
01/05 H.98.317 [Historic Ornament.] Notes on the History of Art, Together with Certain Helpful Reproductions, Arranged by James Frederick Hopkins. Boston, MA: The Perry Pictures Co., 1899.
01/05 H.98.319 Institute Note Book Presented by American Book Company, New York, Cincinnati, Chicago, Boston, Portland, Ore. n.d.
01/06 H.98.347 Ray’s Primary Arithmetic. “Ray’s First Arithmetic in use during the 1870’s”
01/06 H.98.339 Discovery of Guiana and the Journal of the Second Voyage thereto by Sir Walter Raleigh. New York: The Mershon Company Publishers. n.d. Introduction by “H.M.”
01/07 H.98.351 A New Method with U.S. History and Civics by J.H. Diebel, A.M., Ph.B., Author of Arithmetic by Analysis, New Method with Geography, Etc. Columbus, OH: J.H. Diebel, 1911. Published by the author.
01/07 H.98.352 [Useful Knowledge with Hints for the Household.] Cover and title page are missing. n.d.
01/08 H.98.353.1 Partial journal in very poor condition. “Property of Ross H. Stone and H. Hudson Carter. Gift to the NCWHM on February 13, 1961. Compiled by Hamp. W. Carter, Hillsboro, TX. Secretary.” Subjects: Stray Horse Association; Names, Post Offices, and Brands; Lists of Reported Stray Horses, etc. Dates: circa 1868 – Sept. 2, 1869
01/09 H.98.353.2 Notebook of recipes and household hints. Various dates written in front of book: 1887, 1889, 1905-06, Nov. 3, 1914. Includes some newspaper clippings, both loose and glued on pages.
01/09 Ephemera Group of pages, possibly more hints and recipes. Dates written are May 9, 1898 & 1896.
01/09 Ephemera Page: “Jayne’s Medical Guide – Continued.”
01/09 Ephemera Page: “The Rexall Almanac: Traveling Distances in the United States.” n.d.
01/09 Ephemera Newspaper clipping: Recipe for Baking Powder Biscuits. n.d.
01/09 Ephemera Photocopy of two pages from Western Empire and Rural World, Saturday, July 12, 1919. pages 15-16.
01/10 H.98.77.a Tension envelope addressed to Mr. George Biggers.
01/10 H.98.77.b “Number 604 E.F.” Advertisement for pens, Joseph Gillot & Sons, Henry Hole, Sole Agent. n.d.
01/10 H.98.77.c “Best Material – Best Results.” Advertisement for pens, Joseph Gillot & Sons, 91 John Street, New York, Henry Hole, Sole Agent. n.d.
01/10 H.98.77.d “The Most Successful Teachers.” Advertisement for pens, Joseph Gillot & Sons, 91 John Street, New York, Henry Hole, Sole Agent. n.d.
01/11 H.98.87 Golden Anniversary Certificate for Helen Biggers for being a teacher in the Capitol Hill Senior High School, Oklahoma City Public Schools. Dated 1939. Signed by Robert Knight, J.G. Stearley, A.H. Parmelle, C.K. Reiff.
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