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Creative Crafts

Creative Crafts Video Collection

Creative Crafts Video Collection
Creator: Metropolitan Library System, Oklahoma City
Dates: 1973-1991
Quantity: 744 videocassettes (124 feet; 372 hours of programming)
Accession: 98.003


Videocassettes of the television program Creative Crafts, produced by the Metropolitan Library System, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma between 1973 and 1991.

Historical Sketch

The Creative Crafts television series was produced between 1973 and 1991 by the Metropolitan Library System of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in association with the American Institute of Discussion. Daniel L. Blanchard of the American Institute of Discussion served as the host and moderator of the program. Series programs were aired by television stations in Arizona, Colorado, Texas, and Oklahoma. The half-hour programs typically consist of one or more guests discussing a single topic of interest. Many of the programs feature artists and artisans discussing and demonstrating their work.

Scope & Content Note

The collection includes 388 half-hour programs on 744 videocassettes. The program format typically features one or more guests discussing a topic of interest with host and moderator Daniel L. Blanchard. Many of the guests were artists and artisans, and these guests often demonstrate or display their work during the course of the program.

All but two of the videocassettes are in U-matic format, and nearly all programs exist in two copies on two different videocassettes. The collection is physically arranged in call number order, but the container list is arranged in alphabetical order by the last name of the guest appearing on that episode.

Processing Information

The Creative Crafts Video Collection was donated to the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in 1998 by the Metropolitan Library System.

Preferred Citation

Creative Crafts Video Collection, Box ##, Folder ##, Dickinson Research Center, National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Container List

Creative Crafts

Accession Guest Episode Title
VC01065 Abbett, Robert The Fall Colors of Robert Abbett, 1980
VC01076 Adams, Ansel and John Burris Ansel Adams and the Art of Photography, 1977
VC01069 Amero, Barbara The Art of Emilio Amero, 1977
VC01071 Anderson, Evelyn The Clay Forms of Evelyn Anderson, 1981
VC01077 Anderson, Evelyn Constructing Kilns, 1987
VC01073 Anderson, Evelyn Glazing and Firing Ceramics with Evelyn Anderson, 1983
VC01075 Anderson, Evelyn Primitive Kilns and Firing, 1987
VC01081 Angell, Tony The Drawings of Tony Angell
VC01079 Angell, Tony Finding Form in Stone, 1983
VC01095 Arrowsmith, Rex Anerican Indian Beadwork, 1983
VC01096 Arrowsmith, Rex American Indian Potter, 1976
VC01116 Arrowsmith, Rex Navajo Rugs, 1980
VC01102 Arrowsmith, Rex Oklahomans at the Indian Market, 1977
VC01100 Arrowsmith, Rex Prehistoric American Indian Crafts, 1977
VC01098 Arrowsmith, Rex The Role of the Indian Trader, 1976
VC01085 Arrowsmith, Rex Southwestern Indian Arts and Crafts: Beadwork, Baskets, and Fiber Weavings, 1974
VC01087 Arrowsmith, Rex Southwestern Indian Arts and Crafts: Jewlery, 1974
VC01083 Arrowsmith, Rex Southwestern Indian Arts and Crafts: Kachina Dolls, Pottery, and Jewelry, 1974
VC01093 Arrowsmith, Rex Southwestern Indian Baskets, 1975
VC01089 Arrowsmith, Rex Southwestern Indian Kachina Dolls
VC01091 Arrowsmith, Rex Southwestern Indian Rugs, 1975
VC01105 Arrowsmith, Rex American Indian Dance and Costume, 1977
VC01120 Arrowsmith, Rex The Indian and the Buffalo, 1980
VC01118 Arrowsmith, Rex The Indian and the Horse, 1980
VC01108 Arrowsmith, Rex Indian Fetishes, 1978
VC01110 Arrowsmith, Rex Indian Kachinas, 1978
VC01114 Arrowsmith, Rex Indian Musical Instruments, 1979
VC01106 Arrowsmith, Rex Indian Weapons, 1978
VC01112 Arrowsmith, Rex Pre-Columbian Artifacts, 1979
VC01122 Barton, Darrell TV News Photography, 1975
VC01124 Beatty, Virginia, et al. Sculpture, 1983
VC01128 Benda, LaVerne Czech Customs and Folk Dancing, 1975
VC01130 Bennett, John Chicken in the Pot, 1976
VC01128 Bennett, John Holiday Menus, 1975
VC01132 Birckett, Annabelle Whiskey Painting, 1980
VC01334 Blanchard, Daniel L., et al. American Institute of Discussion, 1984
VC01144 Blanchard, Daniel L., et al. The Art of the American Institute of Discussion, 1984
VC01140 Blanchard, Daniel L., et al. Discussion for Living, 1988
VC01136 Blanchard, Daniel L., et al. Jogging the Mind the American Institute of Discussion Way, 1986
VC01142 Blanchard, Daniel L., et al. Jogging Your Mind, 1988
VC01138 Blanchard, Daniel L., et al. The World of Ideas, 1988
VC01146 Blankenship, Janet and Nancy Brawner Stained Glass Objects, 1973
VC01148 Boettcher, Barry and Larry Shea Puppetry, 1974
VC01150 Bogardus, Carol Model Trains, 1980
VC01152 Bogart, Elyse Creating Jewelry, 1991
VC01151 Bogart, Elyse Creating Jewelry; Cimarron Circuit Opera, 1991
VC01159 Bohler, Joseph Finishing a Field Painting, 1980
VC01171 Bohler, Joseph Impressionism, 1983
VC01169 Bohler, Joseph Looking at Different Media, 1983
VC01167 Bohler, Joseph Painting Domestic and Wild Animals, 1982
VC01173 Bohler, Joseph Painting the Environment, 1984
VC01163 Bohler, Joseph Pastels, 1981
VC01174 Bohler, Joseph Reflected Light, 1985
VC01157 Bohler, Joseph Still Life in Watercolor, 1980
VC01153 Bohler, Joseph Techniques of Watercolor Painting, 1975
VC01155 Bohler, JOseph Textures in Painting, 1977
VC01161 Bohler, Joseph The Use of Color, 1981
VC01165 Bohler, Joseph Values in Painting, 1982
VC01175 Bongart, Sergei The World of Sergei Bongart, 1983
VC01306 Brawner, Lee A Conversation with National Book Award Winner Ralph Ellison, 1975
VC01177 Brawner, Lee Libraries: More than Books, 1990
VC01179 Brice, Carol and Thomas Carey The Art of Singing, 1980
VC01181 Brown, Harley Drawings are Emotions, 1978
VC01185 Brown, Harley Portraying Character, 1988
VC01183 Brown, Harley Sketches from Life, 1980
VC01190 Bryers, Duane Cartoons and the Artist, 1980
VC01188 Bryers, Duane Narrative Painting, 1981
VC01192 Bryers, Duane The Portraits of Duane Bryers, 1986
VC01205 Burris, Jon California Landscape Portfolio, 1985
VC01205 Burris, Jon California Landscape Portfolio, 1985
VC01200 Burris, Jon Creating Fine Art Photography, 1970
VC01196 Burris, Jon Fine Art Photography, 1979
VC01208 Burris, Jon The Late Laura Gilpin, 1989
VC01202 Burris, Jon New Mexico Landscapes Portfolio, 1984
VC01198 Burris, Jon Oklahomans Collect Fine Art Photography, 1983
VC01194 Burris, Jon Photographs from Old to New, 1977
VC01210 Burris, Jon Photogravure, 1989
VC01206 Burris, Jon Polaroid as Art, 1987
VC01213 Carlson, George Interrelationships of Drawing and Sculpture, 1980
VC01215 Carlson, George Sculpture in the Round, 1980
VC01212 Carey, Thomas Cimarron Circuit Opera, 1991
VC01151 Carey, Thomas Creating Jewelry; Cimarron Circuit Opera, 1991
VC01217 Cason, William and Lee Brawney Book Design, 1973
VC01223 Chadbourne, Danville The Clay Forms of Danville Chadbourne, 1982
VC01219 Chadbourne, Danville Clay Sculpture, 1974
VC01221 Chadbourne, Danville Sculptural Dimensions in Clay, 1980
VC01225 Champion, Kyle, et al. Chamber Music, 1986
VC01228 Cherryh, C.J. Science Fiction with C.J. Cherryh, 1991
VC01227 Cherryh, C.J. Science Fiction with C.J. Cherryh; Ceramic Sculpture, 1991
VC01229 Chmiel, Len Field Painting, 1982
VC01231 Chmiel, Len From Field Painting to Studio Painting, 1982
VC01233 Chmiel, Len Portrait in Watercolor, 1982
VC01235 Cies, Dick Glassblowing, 1973
VC01239 Cotter, Jim Jewelry Casting, 1973
VC01241 Crain, Janey Ceramic Surfaces, 1976
VC01247 Curtis, Larry Behind the Scenes at the Zoo, 1976
VC01249 Curtis, Larry The Hidden Zoo, 1977
VC01245 Curtis, Larry Making Natural Habitats Natural, 1975
VC01243 Curtis, Larry Tomorrow’s Zoo Today, 1975
VC01251 Daily, Mark Creating Illusion in Painting, 1985
VC01253 Delbridge, Richard Designing Leather, 1976
VC01255 Denton, Maxcine The Art of Framing, 1974
VC01260 Denton, Maxcine Choosing a Frame, 1985
VC01258 Denton, Maxcine Framing Properly, 1979
VC01257 Denton, Maxcine What’s in a Frame, 1977
VC01262 Desatnick, Mike Form and Mass in Painting, 1983
VC01264 Doak, Dan Wood-fired Pottery, 1986
VC01270 Doering, Mavis Basketry as Art, 1982
VC1268 Doering, Mavis Cherokee Basket Plaques, 1978
VC01266 Doering, Mavis Cherokee Basket Weaving, 1978
VC1272 Doering, Mavis The Many Faces of Indian Baskets with Mavis Doering, 1987
VC01274 Doering, Mavis Variations in Cherokee Basket Making, 1989
VC01278 Dotson, Tracy Form in Pottery, 1979
VC01280 Dotson, Tracy Thrown Pottery as Art, 1984
VC01276 Dotson, Tracy and Jane Padgitt Wheel-thrown Pottery, 1974
VC01282 Droescher, George and Wally Huskoner Scandinavian Crafts, 1977
VC01284 DuBois, Ron Ceramic Concepts and Techniques, 1976
VC01286 Dye, Lyle Jr. Oklahoma Theater Center, 1974
VC01288 Dye, Lyle Jr. Oklahoma Theater Center, 1975
VC01290 Dye, Lyle Jr. The Theater and the Bicentennial, 1975
VC01294 Eaton, VaLoy Emotion and Discipline in Art, 1976
VC01298 Eaton, VaLoy The Four Seasons, 1979
VC01292 Eaton VaLoy Light and Shadow in Oil and Watercolor, 1976
VC01296 Eaton, VaLoy Painting on Location, 1981
VC01300 Eaton, VaLoy The Search for Truth, 1984
VC01302 Edgar, Albert Art in Photography, 1976
VC01304 Ekonen, Tauno Handcrafting Violins, 1976
VC01312 Encinias, John Landscape Painting on Location, 1987
VC01314 Encinias, John Organizaing a Painting, 1987
VC01310 Encinias, John The Quiet Paintings of John Encinias, 1986
VC01316 Falke, Terry Making a Fine Arts Photograph, 1987
VC01318 Ferguson, Chet and Stan Ruebell Square Dancing, 1988
VC01320 Ferguson, Chet and Stan Ruebell Square Dancing National Convention, 1988
VC01322 Fitzgerald, David David Fitzgerald’s Oklahoma, 1980
VC01324 Flynn, Arthur Hobby Wood Finishing, 1973
VC01336 Flynn, Tommy Lou, et al. What’s in a Portrait, 1979
VC01334 Flynn, Tommy Lou, et al. Discussion and the Human Mind, 1977
VC01330 Flynn, Tommy Lou, et al. Declaration of Independence, 1975
VC01328 Flynn, Tommy Lou, et al. Gettysburg Address, 1974
VC01332 Flynn, Tommy Lou, et al. The Greatest Man in the World, 1976
VC01326 Flynn, Tommy Lou, et al. Jonathan Livingston Seagull, 1973
VC01340 Foster, Michael Creating Wood-Turned Vessels, 1986
VC01342 Foster, Michael Sculpture in Wood-Turned Vessels, 1989
VC01338 Foster, Michael Wood-Turned Forms, 1985
VC01344 Fowler, Barbara Jazz Dancing, 1980
VC01346 Fowler, Pat, et al. What Makes a Landscape, 1980
VC01348 Frannea, Patricia Hand Batik, 1974
VC01350 Frates, Mary and Mary Gordon Oklahoma Arts Institute, 1987
VC01362 Fritzler, Gerald Capturing Light on Location, 1986
VC01364 Fritzler, Gerald Composition in Painting, 1987
VC01356 Fritzler, Gerald Figure Painting in Watercolor, 1982
VC01353 Fritzler, Gerald Interpreting Landscape in Watercolor, 1980
VC01370 Fritzler, Gerald Looking at Art, 1989
VC01355 Fritzler, Gerald Painting Elements in Nature, 1981
VC01358 Fritzler, Gerald Painting Outdoors with Watercolor, 1984
VC01360 Fritzler, Gerald The Relationship Between Drawing and Painting, 1985
VC01367 Fritzler, Gerald Still Life in Watercolor, 1989
VC01365 Fritzler, Gerald Travel and Painting, 1987
VC01372 Fulton, Shannon and Tommy Lou Flynn CLothing Design, 1974
VC01373 Gerhartz, Dan Landscapes of Dan Gerhartz, 1988
VC01374 Gerhartz, Dan Painting Portraits with Dan Gerhartz, 1988
VC01377 Gilkeson, Bob et al. Jazz Combo, 1974
VC01382 Goebel, Rod Impressionism, 1982
VC01383 Goebel, Rod Seascapes of Rod Goebel, 1985
VC01378 Goebel, Rod Spontaneous Painting, 1978
VC01380 Goebel, Rod Still Life in Oil, 1981
VC01384 Gorny, Anthony Peter Techniques of Printmaking, 1975
VC01386 Graham, Bill Tap Dancing, 1979
VC01388 Graves, Herb Hobby Gardening, 1974
VC01390 Greene, Gordon The Role of the Director, 1977
VC01392 Gumm, John Taking a Better Picture, 1976
VC01394 Gutcheon, Beth Quilting, 1975
VC01398 Halbach, David Composition Through Balance, 1987
VC01400 Halbach, David Illusion of Depth in Painting, 1987
VC01396 Halbach, David Mood in Color with Watercolor, 1978
VC01402 Hanes, Billie and Tommy Perkins Stained Glass, 1987
VC01404 Haney, Enoch Kelly Touching the Past, 1979
VC01406 Harding, Goodwin The Platinum Photographic Prints of Goodwin Harding, 1984
VC01408 Harrell, Joan Weaving Ikat, 1980
VC01410 Haynes, Rick Pottery in Porcelain, 1979
VC01412 Heffner, Robert A. and John Burris Contemporary Chinese Oil Painting, 1989
VC01414 Hendrix, Karen J. Stained Glass Art, 1991
VC01591 Hendrix, Karen J. Art of Acting; Stained Glass Art, 1991
VC01419 Henkle, James Art in Furniture, 1979
VC01415 Henkle, James Creating Furniture, 1979
VC01417 Henkle, James Designing Furniture Prototypes, 1982
VC01421 Henkle, James Evolution of a Showcase, 1987
VC01423 Henkle, James Innovative Furniture in Wood, 1987
VC01425 Hennagin, Michael A Composer’s World, 1987
VC01396 Hill, Barbara Luebke Painting Animals in Watercolor, 1983
VC01427 Hill, Tom Looking at Color in Paintings, 1983
VC01429 Hill, Tom Understanding Through Watercolor, 1980
VC01431 Hoke, Montee Glazes in Pottery, 1978
VC01433 Hulings, Clark Edges in Oil Painting, 1974
VC01436 Hulings, Clark Edges in Oil Painting II, 1974
VC01435 Hulings, Clark Edges in Oil Painting I and II, 1974
VC01438 Hurley, Wilson The Emergence of a Skyscape I, 1975
VC01440 Hurley, Wilson The Emergence of a Skyscape II, 1975
VC01443 Hurley, Wilson The Oil Triptych of Wilson Hurley, 1988
VC01442 Hurley, Wilson Wilson Hurley, One-Man Show, 1977
VC01444 Hurley, Wilson Wilson Hurley, Summer Skies, Oklahoma, 1988
VC01446 Johnson, MarCyne Mixed Media, 1986
VC01450 Kahn, Ralph 24th National Exhibition of Prints, Library of Congress, 1975
VC01448 Kahn, Ralph American Printmaking in the 1970s, 1974
VC01454 Kaunisto, Carol Neri Age in Porcelain, 1988
VC01452 Kaunisto, Carol The Procelains of Carol Kaunisto, 1988
VC01456 Kidwell, Al Toys for Adults, 1974
VC01462 Kidwell, Kent Dixieland Jazz, 1983
VC01466 Kidwell, Kent Instruments in Big Band Jazz, 1988
VC01458 Kidwell, Kent Jazz: America’s Music, 1978
VC01460 Kidwell, Kent Jazz Ensemble, 1981
VC01464 Kidwell, Kent Style Differentials in Big Band Jazz, 1988
VC01470 King, Judith, et al. Drawing is Art, 1982
VC01468 King, Judith, et al. What’s in a Still Life?, 1980
VC01474 Kirkpatrick, Eleanor Graphics, Relief Process, 1975
VC01476 Kirkpatrick, Eleanor Intaglio Prints, 1976
VC01478 Kirkpatrick, Eleanor Lithographs, 1977
VC01481 Kirkpatrick, Eleanor Master Prints, 1979
VC01472 Kirkpatrick, Eleanor Prints, 1974
VC01480 Kirkpatrick, Eleanor Serigraphs and Mixed Media, 1978
VC01483 Krakel, Dean Adventures in Western Art, 1977
VC01487 Kramer, James Gouache and Watercolor, 1978
VC01485 Kramer, James Painting Small, 1977
VC01489 Kraus, Peter and Lisa Turci Jazz Piano, 1980
VC01493 Kuebler, George African Art, 1974
VC01491 Kuebler, George Young Talent in Oklahoma, 1974
VC01495 Kuhn, Bob Drawing Animals from Life, 1977
VC01497 Kuhn, Bob Animals, Action, and Acrylics, 1977
VC01499 Kulasiewicz, Frank Off-Hand Glass Blowing, 1975
VC01501 LaChapelle, Greg Sculptured Land, 1975
VC01503 Lafferty, Cris Evolution of an Advertisement, 1986
VC01505 Lane, Wilna Spinning and Dyeing Naturally, 1977
VC01507 Lawrence, Betty Highland Fling Dancers, 1975
VC01511 Leffel, David A. A Revolutionary Approach to Painting, 1983
VC01513 Leffel, David A. Sculpting with Painting and Light, 1983
VC01509 LeGrande, Pat Drawing with Color, 1984
VC01514 Leslie, Greg Home Videos, 1988
VC01516 Loew, Dee The Christmas Story in Art, 1978
VC01518 Logsdon, Guy William Cowboy Poetry with Guy Lugsdon, 1991
VC01520 Lottinville, Savoie and Lee Brawner The Role of the Publisher, 1976
VC01522 Lougheed, Robert Western Art, 1973
VC01525 Lougheed, Robert Western Art, Domestic Animals, 1974
VC01527 Lougheed, Robert Western Art, Wild Animals, 1974
VC01533 Lubbers, David The Final Photograph Visualized, 1988
VC01529 Lubbers, David Getting the Most Out of a Negative, 1987
VC01531 Lubbers, David Looking at the Photographs of David Lubbers, 1987
VC01535 Lubbers, David The Photographer’s Eye, 1988
VC01537 Luke, Ray Composing Music, 1977
VC01539 Luke, Ray and Carveth Osterhaus Medea–The Opera, 1979
VC01543 Markus, Kurt The Buckaroos of Kurt Markus, 1987
VC01541 Markus, Kurt The Cowboy World of Kurt Markus, 1986
VC01545 Markus, Kurt The One-Man Show of Kurt Markus, 1987
VC01547 Marron, Joan Painting from Life, 1988
VC01549 Marti, E. Fiber Hangings, 1974
VC01551 Marti, E. Weaving Off-Loom and On-Loom, 1978
VC01553 McGarry, Susan Hallsten Southwest Art Magazine, 1987
VC01555 McGarry, Susan Halsten The World of Special Interest Magazines, 1987
VC01557 McGraw, Sherri Painting Light, 1983
VC01559 McLarry, Lacy Suzuki Violin Method, 1979
VC01767 McLinn, Steve Neon Art; New Age Music, 1991
VC01768 McLinn, Steve New Age Music; The Art of Mystery II, 1991
VC01561 Meyer, Susan American Artist, 1977
VC01563 Mickenberg, David The Lehman Collection, 1983
VC01565 Millea, Tom The Platinum Prints of Tom Millea, 1987
VC01567 Miller, Necia Teaching Art, 1988
VC01569 Montgomery, Sharon The Etchings of Sharon Montgomery, 1987
VC01571 Moore, Loraine Aquatints, 1978
VC01573 Moore, Loraine The Original Prints of Loraine Moore, 1987
VC01575 Muno, Rich Sculpting a Life-Sized Pioneer Man I, 1975
VC01577 Muno, Rich Sculpting a Life-Sized Pioneer Man II, 1975
VC01579 Nelson, Walter Images of Mexico, 1986
VC01581 Nevaquaya, Doc Tate Making and Playing the Indian Flute, 1976
VC01583 Newhall, Beaumont and Jon Burris 20th Century Masters of Photography, 1982
VC01585 Nierman, Leonardo The World of Leonardo Nierman, 1977
VC01587 Nierman, Leonardo Sculpture by Neirman, 1980
VC01589 Nierman, Leonardo The Tapestries of Leonardo Nierman, 1983
VC01592 O’Meara, Kathryn Huey Art of Acting, 1991
VC01591 O’Meara, Kathryn Huey Art of Arting; Stained Glass Art, 1991
VC01593 Osterhaus, Carveth Staging “The Ballad of Baby Doe,” 1980
VC01595 Ottaway, Hal and Jim Edwards The Vanished Splendor: Postcard Views of Early Oklahoma City, 1982
VC01599 Owens-Suman, Melissa Soft Sculpture, 1980
VC01598 Owens, Mabel and Rich Muno Carl Link’s Drawings, 1974
VC01603 Padgitt, Jane Functional Pottery, 1979
VC01601 Padgitt, Jane and Tracy Dotson Slab-Built Pottery, 1974
VC01605 Palmer, Katharine Designing and Making Jewelry, 1980
VC01607 Palmer, Katharine The Sculptured Jewelry of Katharine Palmer, 1987
VC01608 Papathanasiou, Deboarah Crocheting Fibers, 1976
VC01609 Phillips, Laughlin and Jennifer Phillips The Phillips Collection, 1982
VC01611 Plossu, Bernard The Images of Bernard Plossu, 1983
VC01613 Pollack, Harry Art is an Investment, 1977
VC01615 Pope, David Fashioning Leather, 1975
VC01617 Porch, Stanley Architecture is Art, 1979
VC01620 Porch, Stanley The Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, 1979
VC01621 Porch, Stanley The Architecture of Miles Van Der Rohe, 1980
VC01623 Porch, Stanley The Architecture of Le Corbusier, 1981
VC01625 Porch, Stanley Bruce Goff and His Architecture, 1989
VC01627 Powell, Mary Fashioning Leather, 1975
VC01629 Pratt, Charles Welded Sculpture, 1975
VC01237 Price, Byron The John Clymer Exhibit, National Cowboy Hall of Fame, 1991
VC01633 Price, Byron National Academy of Western Art, National Cowboy Hall of Fame, 1988
VC01635 Price, Byron National Academy of Western Art, From a Field Sketch, National Cowboy Hall of Fame, 1989
VC01631 Price, Byron The National Cowboy Hall of Fame, 1988
VC01637 Prunhuber, Gayle Form and Color in Ceramics, 1986
VC01767 Reynolds, Kathy Neon Art; New Age Music, 1991
VC01639 Rheinhardt, Paul Costume Design, 1981
VC01645 Richardson, Jean The Art of Jean Richardson, 1991
VC01643 Richardson, Jean The Artist and the Studio, 1982
VC01641 Richardson, Jean Living Abstractions in Acrylics, 1980
VC01653 Ricker, Michael Composing a Photograph, 1988
VC01647 Ricker, Michael The Photographic Images of Michael Ricker, 1987
VC01649 Ricker, Michael The Photographic Processes of Michael Ricker, 1987
VC01651 Ricker, Michael Preservation and Presentation of Photographs, 1988
VC01655 Riggs, Gerry Art from Oklahoma Collections, 1986
VC01658 Riley, Kenneth The Acrylics of Kenneth Riley, 1978
VC01657 Riley, Kenneth Evolution of a Historical Painting, 1978
VC01659 Rippe, Dan Painting from Field to Studio, 1983
VC01667 Rippel, Morris Linear Perspective, 1982
VC01669 Rippel, Morris Morris Rippel’s Technique of Pencil Drawing, 1985
VC01665 Rippel, Morris Egg Tempera, 1979
VC01661 Rippel, Morris The Evolution of a Watercolor, 1975
VC01663 Rippel, Morris From Field Sketch to Finished Watercolor, 1977
VC01671 Robinson, Wayne and Lee Brawner Collabrative Writing, 1974
VC01672 Rodkey, Bob Directing TV, 1977
VC01678 Romberg, Jim An Artist’s Development, 1989
VC01674 Romberg, Jim Raku Pottery, 1973
VC01680 Romberg, Jim The Raku Process, 1989
VC01676 Romberg, Jim Raku Sculpture, 1981
VC01682 Roth, Jack The Art of Horseshoeing, 1978
VC01688 Rowan, Jo America’s Jazz and Tap, 1987
VC01686 Rowan, Jo Seventy Years of American Dance, 1982
VC01684 Rowan, Jo American Musical Theater, 1982
VC01690 Rucker, Lee Red River Ramblers Play Dixieland Jazz, 1987
VC01769 Sandstrom, Eve, et al. The Art of Mystery I; The Art of Mystery II, 1991
VC01768 Sandstrom, Eve, et al. New Age Music; The Art of Mystery II, 1991
VC1692 Scholder, Lawrence Etching and Relief Etching, 1973
VC01694 Schwiering, Conrad Painting Outdoors in Nature, 1981
VC01696 Seabourne, Bert Indian Painting, 1975
VC01698 Shannon, Johnny Vaction Photography, 1979
VC01700 Shapiro, Irving Inter-Relationships of Drawing and Painting, 1980
VC01701 Shapiro, Irving The Use of the Negative in Watercolor, 1980
VC01702 Shelton, Joan Collecting Antique Dolls, 1979
VC01704 Simons, Frank Hands and Clay, 1975
VC01707 Smith, Lowell Ellsworth Interpreting Nature in Watercolor, 1984
VC01706 Smith, Lowell Ellsworth Watercolor, the Mood, the Moment, 1982
VC01711 Smith, Tucker From a Field Sketch to a Finished Painting, 1989
VC01708 Smith, Tucker Honesty and Emotion in Painting, 1988
VC01710 Smith, Tucker Honesty and Emotion in Painting; From a Field Sketch, 1989
VC01635 Smith, Tucker National Academy of Western Art, From a Field Sketch, National Cowboy Hall of Fame, 1989
VC01713 Southey, Trevor Drawing the Human Figure, 1982
VC01719 Southey, Trevor From Vision to Form in Art, 1984
VC01715 Southey, Trevor Mixed Media Drawing, 1982
VC01721 Southey, Trevor Trevor Southey, One-Man Show, 1985
VC01717 Southey, Trevor A Unique Approach to Still Life, 1983
VC01723 Spencer, Laurie Ceramic Sculpture, 1991
VC01227 Spencer, Laurie Science Fiction with C.J> Cherryh; Ceramic Sculpture, 1991
VC01724 Spivey, Jay Lighting for Television, 1981
VC01733 Sprick, Daniel Charcoal Drawing, 1985
VC01731 Sprick, Daniel Full Figure Drawing, 1984
VC01730 Sprick, Daniel The Landscapes of Dan Sprick, 1983
VC01728 Sprick, Daniel Seeing with Oil, 1982
VC01726 Sprick, Daniel The Self Portraits of Dan Sprick, 1981
VC01735 Starr, Jim The Evolution and Design of a Poster, 1986
VC01737 Steinke, Bettina The Importance of Drawing I, 1975
VC01739 Steinke, Bettina The Importance of Drawing II, 1975
VC01743 Stewart, Marion Tatting, 1974
VC01741 Stewart, Marion The Needle, 1978
VC01747 Strisik, Paul Sketching in Foreign Lands, 1982
VC01745 Strisik, Paul Sketching in the Field, 1981
VC017049 Strisik, Paul Painting on Location, 1981
VC01751 Sweeney, Bradley Marble, 1975
VC01753 Sweeney, Bradley Versatile Marble, 1977
VC01756 Teeter, Don E. The Acoustic Guitar, 1977
VC01759 Telleen, Dan Care and Selection of Jewelry, 1989
VC01757 Telleen, Dan Jewelry Pattern Making, 1973
VC01761 Telleen, Dan The Special Tools of Dan Telleen, 1989
VC01763 Terpning, Howard The Beginning of a Painting, 1981
VC01764 Ullberg, Kent Capturing Life in Bronze, 1981
VC01765 Ullberg, Kent From Clay to Bronze, 1981
VC01773 Wagner, Irvin University of Oklahoma Trombone Choir, 1979
VC01771 Wagner, Irvin University of Oklahoma Trombone Choir, 1979
VC01775 Walch, Father John Mabee-Gerrer Museum of Art, 1985
VC01777 Walch, Father John The Art of Father John Walch, 1987
VC01779 Walker, Violet Ojos de Dios, 1976
VC01783 Ward, John Dye Transfer Photography, 1986
VC01785 Ward, John Art and Publishing, 1989
VC01787 Weryackwe, Jr. Comanche Beadwork of Jr. Weryacke, 1988
VC01789 Whitaker, William Pastel Drawings, 1976
VC01791 Whitaker, William Form in Art, 1977
VC01793 Whitaker, William Painting in the Studio, 1979
VC01794 Wilcox, Jim Light, Atmosphere, and Design in Painting, 1988
VC01797 Wilkerson, Tyrone, et al. B.L.A.C. Inc., 1974
VC01308 Wilson, Ed Creating Ellison’s Sculpture in Bronze and Stainless Steel, 1975
VC01798 Wilson, Ed Sculpture, 1974
VC1800 Wittliff, William and Lee Brawner The Birth of a Book, 1974
VC01781 Worth, Don Land and Light Photography, 1984
VC01802 Worth, Don Images of Nature, 1985
VC01806 Zellner, Phillip The Evolution of Bird Carving, 1977
VC01804 Zellner, Phillip Sculpting Birds in Wood, 1976
VC01808 Zoellner, Richard Intagilo Printing in Color, 1977

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