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Dan Flynn Gunsmoke Collection

Dan Flynn Gunsmoke Collection, 1967-1979
2.5 cubic feet (5 document boxes)
Location: 0477-0478
Collection #: 052
Accession #: 87.009


The Dan Flynn Gunsmoke Collection contains Gunsmoke scripts written by executive story consultant Jack Miller, Gunsmoke publicity materials, photographs and slides. Three Bonanza scripts written by Miller are also included.


Dan Flynn acted in two Gunsmoke episodes, ‘Lijah (1971) and No Tomorrow(1973) and became Jack Miller’s assistant. The collection contains materials related to Jack Miller. Mr. Miller wrote 12 scripts for the Gunsmoke television series between 1965-1975 and was the executive story consultant from 1971-1975.

Scope & Content Note

The collection contains Gunsmoke scripts, photographs and slides of Gunsmoke characters and location shooting from Dan Flynn’s association with Jack Miller, writer and executive story consultant between 1965-1975. The collection also contains audio interviews, three Bonanza scripts, and advertisements for Gunsmoke episodes and the Dirty Sally series.

Series 1: Television Scripts (1967-1979)
This series includes 14 Gunsmoke scripts, three Bonanza scripts, one Dirty Sally script and a John Wayne biographical film script.

Series 2: Published Materials (1971-1974)
Includes clippings and marketing materials for Gunsmoke and Dirty Sally.

Series 3: Photographs (ca. 1970s)
Contains publicity photographs of Gunsmoke scenes and characters. There is also one photograph of Jack Miller and 22 Polaroid photographs of John Wayne’s home.

Series 4: Sheet Music (ca. 1970s)
Includes sheet music from Gunsmoke’s Dirty Sally episode.

Series 5: Audio Recordings (1971-1979)
Contains 11 audiocassettes of interviews conducted with named individuals including John Wayne’s son Michael. A recording of a song in Norwegian about the Gunsmoke character Festus inscribed by Ken Curtis is also included.

Series 6: Slides (1971-1974)
Contains images of Gunsmoke location shooting for an unknown episode and some of Flynn’s vacation photographs.

Subject Terms

Personal Names:
Arness, James, 1923-
Curtis, Ken, 1916-1991
Miller, Jack
Wayne, John, 1907-1979

Television Programs:
Dirty Sally

Processing Information

The collection was received in 1987 and officially accessioned by Pam Bell, November 2001. The collection was stored in the collections vault from 1987 until the time of accessioning in 2001. Scripts and photographs received catalog numbers at the time of receipt in 1987. At the time of processing, three scripts not originally listed, were found in the Flynn collection – “Kiowa, Valley Beyond, and Marrin’/Brides & Grooms.” An FIC accession number was assigned at the time of formal archival processing by the museum’s registrar. Additionally, the book Papers of the San Francisco Committee of Vigilance of 1851, recorded as part of the Flynn collection, was assigned a catalog number at the time of processing. Script and photograph series arrangement was determined by catalog number assigned in 1987.

Preferred Citation

Dan Flynn Gunsmoke Collection, Box ##, Folder ##, Dickinson Research Center, National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Container List

Series 1: Television Programs

Box/Folder # Folder Title/Dsescription
001/001 Master script list, ca. 1975 [1987.09.06]
001/002 “Pike” I and II, by Jack Miller, 1970 [1987.09.07]
001/003 “Murdoch,” by Jack Miller, 1970 [1987.09.08]
001/004 “The Raft” I and II aka “The River,” by Jack Miller, 1972 [1987.09.09]
001/005 “The Runaways” I and II aka “The River,” by Jack Miller, 1972 [1987.09.9]
001/006 “Mr. Lucius Prince of Philadelphia” aka “One for the Road,” by Jack Miller, 1971 [1987.09.10]
002/001 “Wild Child” aka “The Lost,” by Jack Miller, 1971 [1987.09.11]
002/002 “Roots,” by Jack Miller, 1975 [1987.09.12]
002/003 “A Day in the Life of a Marshal” aka “Quiet Day in Dodge,” by Jack Miller, 1972 [1987.09.13]
002/004 “New Doctor in Town,” by Jack Miller, 1971 [1987.09.14]
002/005 “Mirage,” by Jack Miller, 1970 [1987.09.16]
002/006 “The Accident” aka “Gentry’s Law,” by Jack Miller, 1970 [1987.09.17]
003/001 “Amnesty” aka “Jenny,” by Jack Miller, 1970 [1987.09.18]
003/002 “Dangerfield” aka “Luke,” by Jack Miller, 1970 [1987.09.15]
003/003 “Kiowa,” by Ron Bishop, 1969 [2001.04.01]
003/004 “Valley Beyond,” by Calvin Clements, 1972 [2001.04.02]
003/005 “The Marryin'” aka “Brides and Grooms,” by Earl W. Wallace, 1974 [2001.04.03]
003/006 “The Trouble with Amy,” by Jack Miller, 1969 [1987.09.22]
004/001 “False Pride and Prejudice,” by Jack Miller, 1967 [1987.09.23]
004/002 “Justice Deferred,” by Jack Miller, 1967 [1987.09.25]
Other Television Productions
004/003 Dirty Sally, “Too Long to Wait,” by Jack Miller, 1973 [1987.09.25]
004/004 “Shooting Star,” by Paul Monash, 1979
004/005 “The Fall Guy,” by Bodie Thoene, 1979

Series 2: Published Materials

Box/Folder # Folder Title/Description
004/006 Daily Variety, Gunsmoke, “The Lost,” 1971
004/007 National Cowboy Hall of Fame telegram, 1972
004/008 Gunsmoke, “Pike” episode advertisement, 1971
004/009 Hollywood Reporter, Dirty Sally, “Too Long to Wait” advertisement, ca. 1973
004/010 Dirty Sally bumper sticker, ca. 1973

Series 3: Photographs

ca. 1970s
Box/Folder# Folder Title/Description
004/011 Gunsmoke, ca. 1970s [12]
004/012 John Wayne home, ca. 1970s [22]

Series 4: Sheet Music

ca. 1970s
Box/Folder # Folder Title/Description
004/013 “Wonderland, Sally Fergus’ Song,” by John Carl Parker, ca. 1970s

Series 5: Audio Recordings

Box/Folder # Folder Title/Description
004/014 “Fest med Festus,” inscribed by Ken Curtis, 1971
005/001 Audio cassettes, 1971-1979, n.d.
Dan Moriarty, vice policeman and Eugene Fogarty, beat policemen, n.d.
Dan Moriarty, vice policeman, n.d.
Vivian Gomez, 1977
Tarot, G. Hensley, 1977
Michael Wayne, Tom Kane, J. Miller, 1979
Michael Wayne, Tom Kane, Toni, 1979
005/002 Audio Cassettes, 1979, n.d.
Tom Kane, 1979
Andy M., London, 1979
Michael Wayne re: questions about John Wayne, n.d.
Mary St. John, n.d.
Untitled, n.d.

Series 6: Slides

ca. 1970s
Box/Folder # Folder Title/Description
005/003-004 Gunsmoke location shooting, 1971 [74]
005/005 Vacation, 1974 [15]

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