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Ora Long

Ora Long

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Guide to the Ora V. Long Collection, circa 1913
3 folders
Location: 0145; 0156
Accession #: 2002.109


This small collection includes two brand books and several photographs of Ora V. Long, who worked for the Stockman’s Association for a few years in the early twentieth century.


Below I have included excerpts written in a letters from Ora V. Long’s granddaughter Carolyn J. Long, who gave the brand books and photographs to the Museum in 2002.

Ora V. Long
“Here are some pictures of my grandfather Ora V. Long. One of them was taken in front of his livery stable in Canadian, Texas, probably around 1914. He is on horseback holding the lead rope to a paint horse. Ora had a business of renting buggies and horses to the homesteaders. The people coming out by train would write to him giving the date of arrival and he would meet them at the train station with the horse and buggy. He was known in that country as having the finest horses. I was also told that he had a phone at the livery stable and one at his residence, which was very unusual in this small community. One of the other two pictures is of him and a friend in a buggy and other one was taken of him in front of the Long’s homestead house outside of Laverne, Oklahoma.” – September 5, 2002

“We do know that Ora died in 1941 at the age of 57 of lung cancer. Dad believes Ora worked for the Stockman’s Association for only two and a half years. In 1914, Ora started a livery stable in Canadian, Texas; We do not know if he was still brand inspector at this time.” – July 1, 2002

“William H. Long was born in Mankato, Minnesota. He moved with his parents to Pittsburg, Kansas, as a young boy. On January 25, 1883, he was married to Blendena Moore of Nevada, Missouri. Four children were born to this union: Ora, Pringle, Ethel, and Ben. Ethel died in infancy.

In 1900, they moved to Gage, Oklahoma Territory, coming by train. They shipped their livestock and household furniture and pitched a large tent north of Gage, and there Mr. Long left his family and went to find a home. He and his brother Jesse found some land for sale near the Beaver River about thirty miles north of Gage, and five and one-half miles southeast of where Laverne is now located. He moved his family to this land and built a sod house, in which they lived until 1914, when they moved because of ill health. They had a fine orchard and raised poultry and livestock.

Their post office at that time was Cupid, Oklahoma, and it was located in the home of Richard Mackey. Mr. Long had a mail route from Cupid, to Wyanet, to Laverne, and on to Cline, in Beaver County. He drove the trip each day, changing teams at Cline each day. Ben helped his father with the route. Mr. Long raised cattle and farmed and freighted their food and supplies from Gage or Englewood, Kansas, until the railroad was built in 1912.

Their home was located on the old trail from Woodward to the northwest and beaver County. Many people passed this way and stopped for food. They attended church at Spring Creek school house, a distance of six miles. D.L. Jewett was the preacher. He was a neighbor with a large family, and there was quite a congregation. Mr. and Mrs. Long were generous neighbors and often took food to needy neighbors who were less fortunate than they were. They also cared for sick neighbors, often keeping patients in their own home.

The railroad crew was camped near the home of the Longs and bought food supplies from them – chickens, eggs, and dairy products. The first train ran on March 21, 1912, to a short distance past the Long home. The first school was located one and one-half miles east of the Long home. Orma Thornley, from Ohio, was the first teacher, and boarded with the Sewards, who lived on a ranch nearby.

In 1914, Mr. Long’s health failed, and they went to Colorado Springs, hoping to restore his health, but he died there in 1914. Mrs. Long returned to Laverne, where she lived until 1938, when she died at the age of 79.” – Written by Goldena Long and Effie Long

Letters from Carolyn J. Long, to Dickinson Research Center, July & September 2002. Accession file.
Long, Goldena, and Effie Long. “Long, W.H.” Sage and Sand. No date. Photocopy in Accession file.

Divided into two series, Brand Books and Photographs, this collection provides some insight into the Stockman’s Association and brands used in Oklahoma around 1913. The Brand Books series consists of two 1913 copies of the Marks & Brands Record: The Panhandle & Southwestern Stockmen’s Association, a book written by Ora V. Long. The Photographs series includes three 5×7 inch black-and-white photographic copy prints of Ora V. Long in Laverne, Oklahoma, and Canadian, Texas.

Personal Names:
Long, Ora V.
Long, William H.

Subject Headings:
Brand books
Oklahoma Territory

Processing of this collection took place around the time of its acquisition in 2002. The two brand books arrived on May 25, 2002, and the three photographic copy prints arrived on September 10, 2002, all as a gift from Ora V. Long’s granddaughter Carolyn J. Long. The current finding aid was created and posted online by archivist Laura Anne Heller in April 2, 2010.

The collection is open for research. It is advisable for researchers to discuss their proposed research with staff prior to visiting the Center.

Ora V. Long Collection, Box ##, Folder ##, Dickinson Research Center, National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Series 1: Ora V. Long Collection (Location 0156, Box 4, Folder 2 & 3) –

Box/Folder # Accession # Folder Title/Description
01/02 2002.109.01 Marks & Brands Record: The Panhandle & Southwestern Stockmen’s Association, 1913. Book.
01/03 2002.109.02 Marks & Brands Record: The Panhandle & Southwestern Stockmen’s Association, 1913. Book.

Series 2: Ora V. Long Collection (Location 0145, Box 2, Folder 21) –

Box/Folder # Accession # Folder Title/Description
2/21 2002.109.03 “Ora V. Long on horseback with lead rope to a paint horse in front of his Livery Stable in Canadian , Texas, circa 1914.” Photographer unknown. 5×7 in., b&w photograph. [Restricted; Not for reproduction. Image is for research purposes only.]
2/21 2002.109.04 “Ora V. Long and friend in a buggy.” Date unknown; Photographer unknown. 5×7 in., b&w photograph. [Restricted; Not for reproduction. Image is for research purposes only.]
2/21 2002.109.05 “Ora V. Long on horseback in front of the Long family homestead in Laverne, Oklahoma.” Date unknown; Photographer unknown. 5×7 in., b&w photograph. [Restricted; Not for reproduction. Image is for research purposes only.]
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