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 School Programs & Tours

The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City offers many educational field trip opportunities. Programs are based on grade level and offer students the chance to explore various images and artifacts unique to the American West. Hands-on activities have been incorporated into educational programs for elementary school children, while junior and high school students enjoy a guided tour of the Museum.



Contemporary Native American Artists

 Online Unit Studies

These educational on line study units are written for middle school students and teachers as a way for the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum to deliver curricular materials to classrooms for those schools unable to complete a field trip to the Museum.



 Traveling TrunksOnline Unit Studies

The Museum has traveling trunks available for learning opportunities focusing on the way of life of a cowboy, or a Plains Indian. Teachers can tailor their program to accommodate any grade level. Items included in the trunks include artifacts demonstrating types of tools utilized, the manner of clothing worn, images of artwork from the Museum as well as story books to share with students. A notebook is also included, to provide teachers with additional teaching material.


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