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These educational on line study units are written for middle school students and teachers as a way for the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum to deliver curricular materials to classrooms for those schools unable to complete a field trip to the Museum.

Spiro and the Art of the Mississippian World

This exhibition explores the archaeological and historical data connecting the Spiro site to other communities throughout North and Central America, discusses the Spiroan community and religious activities, and highlights the enduring legacy of Native Americans today who are descended from Mississippian cultural groups.

This teaching packet provides background information, themes and curriculum guides. The curriculum guides meet select Oklahoma Academic standards and suitable for grades 3 – 12.

Spiro Teaching Packet Spiro Mounds Website

Dorothea Lange

Politics of Seeing

Through the lens of her camera, Dorothea Lange documented American life with riveting, intimate photographs that portrayed some of the most powerful moments of the 20th century. From documenting the plight of Dust Bowl migrants during the Great Depression to illuminating the grim conditions of incarcerated Japanese Americans during World War II, Lange’s photographs demonstrate how empathy and compassion—focused through art—can sway minds and prompt change throughout this nation’s history.

The curriculum guides meet select Oklahoma Academic standards and are best suited for grades 6 – 12.

14th Amendment & Civil Rights Exploring Titles and Captions Historical Photos & 6-Word Studies

Emigrants Crossing the Plains

Emigrants Crossing the Plains carries out Bierstadt’s tradition of oversized painting, reflecting the grandiose size and spectacle of the American West.


End of the Trail

Focusing on the life and works of award winning Western artist James Earle Fraser and his sculpture, The End of the Trail.


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