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Chester A. Reynolds Award
Awarded in 2020
John Scott

John Scott


Scott is the founder of the Alberta Chapter of Stunts Canada, an association of professional stunt co-ordinators and performers, formed in 1974 Vancouver. Nanton rancher and veteran Stunts Canada member Brent Woolsey is considered to be one of the busiest stuntmen in the business today and attributes his film career to Scott who gave him his first job working in the movie industry. “I have learned what to do and what not to do by watching him. The movie business is really competitive these days and if you snooze, you lose. Maybe that’s why John does not sleep much. From left: Scott organizing a day of filming; buffalo wranglers and John near Drumheller; on the set of Into the West. “John is and always will be a cornerstone in the Alberta movie business. He has given an opportunity to an awful lot of people. – Brent Woolsey Still, keeping his animal actors and the Alberta movie industry working is a great incentive for Scott, who frequently flies between Los Angeles and Vancouver securing the next picture deal for the province. “If I can promote a Western up here, it is to my advantage.” he explains. “It gets these horses and animals working – it’s to everybody’s advantage.” Scott’s experience with the film industry over the years has taught him that if a director is doing a contemporary film here, the next picutre he makes may be a Western once he experiences Alberta. “If he come here and sees the country and what kind of potential we offer, it’s good for everyone in the business.”

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