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Hall of Great Westerners
Inducted in 2024
Jack LeForce

Jack LeForce


“Jack LeForce, a prominent figure in the agricultural community, boasts an impressive career spanning decades of dedication and leadership. Serving as the Beef Superintendent at the Oklahoma Junior Livestock Show for over two decades, he contributed significantly to the success of the largest Junior Livestock Show in the United States. LeForce’s expertise extends beyond showmanship; he held esteemed positions such as President of the Oklahoma Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers and President of the Sirloin Club of Oklahoma, demonstrating his commitment to the industry. Throughout the 1980s, LeForce made substantial contributions as a writer for AgriFinance Publication and served as President of the Oklahoma City Farm Club and the Southwest Livestock Foundation. His influence also resonated within the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce Livestock Council, where he served as Vice-Chairman from 1987 to 1990. Recognized for his outstanding contributions, LeForce received numerous accolades, including the Honorary State Farmer Degree by the FFA and recognition from the Oklahoma State University Animal Science Department. Even after his retirement in 1993, LeForce remained actively involved in agriculture, establishing his own successful cattle operation in Noble County. His dedication to community is evident in his volunteer work, spanning from Land Judging Events to neighborhood improvement projects. In 2014, LeForce was honored as a Graduate of Distinction by Oklahoma State University Animal Science, a testament to his lasting impact on the industry.”

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