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Frederic Remington: Illustrating the West

Very few artists have been able to capture the Old West as Frederic Remington did. A rare artistic talent, he had the ability to work in multiple mediums, but illustration is where he got his start and made a name for himself. Working as an artist-correspondent for Harper’s Weekly in the late 1800’s, Remington portrayed the west as he witnessed it.

Along with his work for magazines, he was also commissioned to illustrate for books. Quite possibly his most notable book commission came from, then soon to be president, Theodore Roosevelt. The release of the book elevated Remington’s career and created a life long relationship with the future potus.

Illustration not only started Remington’s artistic career, but also gave him the means to support himself as a professional artist until he became an established and well-known painter and sculptor.

For more information on Frederic Remington, visit the Art of the American West Gallery.

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