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Frederic Remington: A Portrait of the West

After finding success as an illustrator for Harper’s Weekly, a Western-themed publication in New York, Frederic Remington focused his artistic talents on painting. Remington spent much of the late 1800s developing his skills and gaining acclaim as an impressionist artist.

Remington drew attention as a painter by focusing his pieces on the people of the West as opposed to the landscape like other artists during his time. Remington’s artwork became narratives, portraying the people featured as romanticized characters of the West.

Remington’s personality also set himself apart from his peers and brought audiences to his art showings. Many people were intrigued by Remington’s cowboy demeanor and stories of his “Wild West” experiences, albeit an exaggerated myth.

Today Remington is still one of the most recognized and revered Western artists, accomplished in illustrations, bronze sculptures and paintings.

For more information on Frederic Remington, visit the Art of the American West.

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