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History in Iron: The Family Brand

Like a modern day family crest, a ranch’s brand is about more than just symbol of ownership. Often passed down from generation to generation, the brand is a representation of the person behind it. Each brand is unique, often coming in various shapes, sizes, and configurations. They all have a story to tell, a reason why they are designed the way that they are.

Richard Spencer began ranching over fifty years ago and talks about the story of his brand, the “Rocking Wrench.” Created by his grandfather nearly 140 years ago the rocking wrench brand, like many family ranch brands, carries with it the legacy and tradition of the ranch it belongs to.

The Spencer brand is made up of two symbols. The top is modeled after a wagon hub wrench, which was a wrench used to loosen or tighten the center nut that held a wagons wheel on. The second design is what is commonly referred to as a rocker. It is simply a quarter circle placed under the wrench and as a result makes the brand a rocking wrench.

For more information on the branding iron, visit the American Cowboy Gallery.

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