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Chester A. Reynolds Awards

In 1990, the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum (formerly National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center) established the Chester A. Reynolds Award, named in honor of the founder of the Museum. This special award does not include an induction into one of the Museum’s three Halls of Fame.

Criteria for Nomination

The Chester A. Reynolds Award is presented to a living honoree or group that has notably perpetuated the legacy of the American West through one or a combination of the following.

Dedicated to or promotion of the ideals of individualism, honesty, humility and integrity that are closely identified with the American West
A distinguished life’s work as a rancher, cowboy, or ranch hand
Leadership within professions or businesses that define themselves through their strong connection with the American West
The Award seeks to recognize individuals or groups who have demonstrated, through a single remarkable achievement or body of quality of work over a period of years, unwavering commitment to Western ideals and values.


Name State Vital Information Year Inducted
Cates, Jerry TX 1938-2011 2012
Cator, Marshall TX 1902-2002 2000
Council, Howard OK 1926-2014 2011
Davies, Donn D. NM 1916-2005 1992
Dietrich, Harvey AZ 1934- 2015
Donaldson, John W. AZ 1920- 2003
Dorrance, Tom CA 1910-2003 1995
Edwards , Don TX 1939 2010
Fliegar, Jo Curtis AZ 1901 1993
Gentry, Denny AZ 1952 2002
Haythorn, Waldo Paul NE 1917-2002 1996
Jarrard, Harold WY 1919 1997
King, Don WY 1923 1991
Logsdon, Guy William OK 1934 2006
Marrs, Bob TX 1927 2001
Martin, George E. AR 1994
Martin, William Harding, Jr. AZ 1925 1990
McSpadden, Clem OK 1925-2008 2008
O'’Neal, Boots TX 1932 2013
Peek, Ellington CA 1928 2007
Price, Byron B. OK 1948 2014
Reeves, Constance Douglas TX 1901-2003 1998
Richards, Rusty CA 1993- 2016
Ryan, Nolan TX 1947 2009
Stadtler, Philip Norman CA 1920 2004
Stevenson, Mollie Taylor Jr. TX 1945 2005
Trotter, Johnny TX 1951- 2017
Trumble, Edward P. CO 1924 1999
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