Bedtime Buckaroos: “J is for Jackalope”

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Join us as we spark imaginations by hosting virtual bedtime stories with “Bedtime Buckaroos,” presented by Paycom.

Storytime plays a vital role in introducing children to the magic of books. Each week we’ll feature a new engaging Western story read by local authors, community leaders, traditional storytellers and Museum staff.

This week, I have the pleasure of reading the Western Heritage Award-winning book “J is for Jackalope” written and illustrated by Teal Blake.

“The storyline captures a turning point in the life of a young boy named Samuel CB. Bored with the chores and limitations of boyhood, Samuel is craving more. After hearing stories of the fabled jackalope living in the mountains nearby, he sets out in pursuit and in the end also finds a great friend.”

About the Reader

Seth Spillman, aka Seth “from Marketing,” has led the marketing and communications efforts for the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum as Chief Marketing Officer since 2019. Previously, Seth worked as Director of Marketing and Communications for the Oklahoma City Convention & Visitors Bureau, promoting OKC as a tourism and convention destination for nearly a decade. Seth holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Oklahoma State University and a MBA from the University of Tulsa. A fifth generation Okie, Seth lives in his hometown of Midwest City with his wife, Kayte, two adorable children, Elijah and Olivia, their dog Pete and Bob, his 1956 Chevy truck.

Get the Book

If you loved “J is for Jackalope” you can buy it from our Museum Store.

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The Annie Oakley Society is made up of women leaders and philanthropists who, like Annie Oakley, play a significant role in shaping their communities while keeping the values and spirit of the West alive.

Through their efforts, members are working with the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum to build and sustain world-class educational experiences to teach children and families the rich history of the American West.

You can help support the future of AOS and its mission of hands-on education of children and empowering and inspiring the next generation through a donation or by becoming a member of the Annie Oakley Society.

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