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Prix de West Highlights: Dogs!

Hey Tim,

Can you put together a post for our new blog that highlights a few of the art pieces from Prix de West 2020? Also, you don’t need to include my email to you in the post.

-Seth “from Marketing”

You got it!
Thanks, Tim

This one is called “Morning Reflections” by Tim Cox. That’s a quality dog. I should save this one if Seth from Marketing asks for a blog of chaps paintings.

Look at this good dog in “In His Element” by Daniel F. Gerhartz. Better get moving bird! Lol!

This is “Hard Turn to Starboard” by Sandy Scott. Another good name for this sculpture would have been “Squirrel!”

This one is pretty cool. I like the style of the painting and the confidence of that dog. Here’s “Prairie Partners” by Tim Solliday.

Just look at this pup in “Steady Girl” by Luke Frazier. Look at her face. Even cowboys like to give a dog a good face smush and ear scratch. I bet her face smushes pretty good. Lol!

Here’s a nice landscape I thought that I’d throw in there. Wait a second! There is a dog in that painting! Lol! This is why you have to look closely at art. You could miss a dog. This is called “Long Shadows of Autumn” by Brent Cotton

I had to throw in some photos of my own dogs. Meet Jimmy, Lucy and Biscuit. Get along little doggies! Lol!

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