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Loved your last email for the Museum’s fundraising campaign.  Simple and straight to the point that this is an excellent institution providing continuing inspiration and education about the diversity of the West. I noticed you didn’t really incorporate my hashtag concept #FunRaisingForTheCowboy. Or, if you have a hashtag idea, I’d love to hear your thoughts on a second email and post.
Also, you could mention that now through December 31, 2020, friends of the Museum can purchase memberships at a discounted price.  This a year-round experience that includes:
  • Year-round free admission to the Museum and Liichokoshkomo’
  • 15% discount at The Museum Store — including online shopping — and a 15% discount at The Museum Grill
  • Access to member-exclusive programs and previews
  • Invitations and discounts to Museum events and classes
And, again, please just email me back with your idea before sending it out.
-Seth “from Marketing”
Absolutely, Seth!
Thanks, Tim
Howdy Folks,
Seth from Marketing asked me to send out another email asking for you folks to help our Museum keep doing its great work sharing the West with you.
He suggested using #FunRaisingForTheCowboy as a #Hashtag. Right off the bat, it would have to be #HashtagFunRaisingForTheCowboy. Seth from Marketing doesn’t know about the social media like I do now.
What do you folks think about a #Hashtag #HashtagHowTheWestWas1?
Michael Grauer, the McCasland Chair of Cowboy Culture/Curator of Cowboy Collections and Western Art, was just telling me that from 1880 to the 1930s $1 was the daily wage of a cowboy.
Because even a small donation of $1 could help out. Get it? The 1 in #HashtagHowtheWestWas1. Lol!
Folks, you can also support the Museum by becoming a member. You get tons of cool stuff as a member!
So, if you can spare $1 I’d love to have you donate to the Western Heritage Fund and help us teach kids and adults that the West wasn’t just cowboys and cows and rattlesnakes in your boots. The West is full of lots of different cultures and peoples and stories. You can help us share those stories.
Thanks, Tim

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