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#HashtagHowTheWestWas2 2-for-1 Donation Matching!


Another great blog post. I’m totally okay with giving a free hat to anyone who donates $1 million dollars to the Museum’s Western Heritage Fund. The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum’s focus on education by providing children and families the opportunity to discover the West in new and unique ways is definitely worth a free hat. Technically, not really free for us, but I’m sure I can find it somewhere in the marketing budget.

In your next post, please mention that thanks to the generosity of the Martin C. and Elizabeth M. Dickinson Foundation, any gift to the Museum will be doubled through a 2-for-1 Matching Gift Challenge! 

Remember to send the post to me first. Agreed?

-Seth “from Marketing”

Agreed, Seth!
Thanks, Tim

Howdy again! It’s me, Tim.

Have some exciting news about the #HashtagHowTheWestWas1 fundraising campaign. Every dollar you donate will be matched 2-for-1!

That means a $1 donation gets $2 for the Museum! How cool is that?

Uh oh. Does this mean I need to change the #Hashtag? #HashtagHowTheWestWas2?

And if you donate $1 million dollars, I guess you can get two free hats now? I’ll run this by Seth from Marketing but a 2-for-1 donation matching challenge seems like you should get two free hats.

Thanks, Tim


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Thanks, Tim

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