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Prix de West Highlights: Modern

Hey Tim,

People got a lot of great Father’s Day ideas from your last Prix West Highlight blog with Prix de West Highlights: Father’s Day. The big sale is this Saturday. I’d love for you to highlight something people might not expect to see in a Western art exhibition. Let’s give them an idea of how modern and varied Western art can be and how many different perspectives and voices it can showcase.

-Seth “from Marketing”

There are some pieces that come to mind right away. This will be a good one!
Thanks, Tim

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There are some super cool art pieces in Prix de West this year that are definitely on the modern side. Whether it’s unexpected subject matter, or traditional Western subjects created in a more modern style, here are some of the pieces that stood out to me. Let me know what you think!

And don’t forget, if you’re interested in purchasing anything you see, you can join in the fixed-price sale or live auction with our proxy service.

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This is Ed Mell’s “Nightfall.” In my opinion, there is no bad view of a Western landscape and this cool interpretation is no exception. Make a wish on any of those stars and it’s sure to come true.

This is Doug Hyde’s “Indian Fair.” Normally I would be worried that the basket would fall off her head but that bronze looks pretty secure. lol!

I can’t stop looking this piece and finding so many new details. It’s called “The Many” by Scott Burdick.

This piece is “Thunderbird” by Thomas Blackshear II. You can really feel the power of the imagery in this one.

This is “Places Never Seen” by Logan Maxwell Hagege. Definitely cactus and clouds I’ve never seen, but they sure capture the spirit of the West.

Look at the modern lines on this piece of art. A big thanks to our Prix de West sponsor Eskridge Lexus for all their support this year.

Thanks, Tim

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The 49th Annual Prix de West Invitational Art Exhibition & Sale will be on exhibit until August 8with sale weekend events happening June 25 – 26. Proxy services for the fixed-price sale and live auction will be available as soon as the exhibition opens until the night of the sale on June 26.

The exhibiting artists bring a diversity of styles to this significant art exhibition and sale. Works range from historical pieces that reflect the early days of the West, to more contemporary and impressionistic works of art. Landscapes, wildlife, and illustrative scenes are always highlighted in the exhibition.

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