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A place to learn and play in the Museum’s backyard

Experience The West

Hands-On Activities

STEAM activities, guided learning and expert-led classes give families a different way to experience history and culture. Hands-on and special event activities include:

Plot constellations
Grind corn
Load a pioneer wagon to hypothesize your journey West
Dodge a geyser
Learn from science experiments
Hear from cross-cultural storytellers

Kiowa Tipi

Friess Family


Puebloan Cliff Dwelling

Prairie Sod House


Trading Post


Train Depot


Wagon Interactive

Bob & Sylvia Slater



Council House

Support Provided By

Annie Oakley Society

Liichokoshkomo’ is a project of the Annie Oakley Society. Its mission is to build and sustain world-class educational experiences for children and families to teach the rich history of the American West for generations to come. Special thanks to the Annie Oakley Society’s members, who have helped make the space possible.

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