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Frederic Remington: Sculpting the Old West in Bronze

In the world of Western sculpture no artist is more iconic than Frederic Remington. With works like “Coming Through the Rye” and the “Outlaw,” Remington’s gravity defying sculptors have remained popular in the public eye for over a century.

Already an accomplished artist before attempting to sculpt, it wasn’t until a remark from a friend that he decided to give it a try. His first attempt was the “Bronco Buster.” Selling casts of the sculpture through Tiffany’s in New York, it would go on to be one of Remington’s most famous works. The “Bronco Buster” statue has even made its way into the Oval Office.

Just a few short years after beginning to sculpt, Remington’s life was cut short after developing an infection from appendectomy surgery.

Visit the Art of the American West Gallery for more information on Frederic Remington.

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