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#HashtagHowTheWestWas1 or 1 Million

People are loving your hashtag #HashtagHowTheWestWas1 for our newest fundraising campaign. Disappointed my #FunRaisingForTheCowboy hashtag initiative didn’t really get the traction I was hoping for.
Can you work up another email and post? The Museum is getting a great response and outpouring of support but everyone knows that this has been a challenging year for Museums and we want to end the year strong.
And, again, please. Please email me your idea BEFORE sending it out to our subscribers.
-Seth “from Marketing”
Of course, Seth!
Thanks, Tim
Howdy again, folks!
Seth from Marketing asked me to reach out again to ask you to consider donating to the Museum’s Western Heritage Fund.
I had the idea for the #Hashtag #HashtagHowTheWestWas1 because I thought it was kinda funny and would remind you that even a $1 can help us share this Museum, its art and the cool stories of the West with generations to come.
I realized that the 1 in #HashtagHowTheWestWas1 could be more than $1. It could mean $1 hundred dollars or $1 million dollars.
So if you want to donate more than $1, I won’t stop you. And if you donated $1 million, boy, would that make me look good. Lol!
Thanks, Tim

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