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Voices From the West: Lula Briscoe Episode 7

Lula Brannon Briscoe, ca. 1903. Courtesy of the Brannon/Briscoe family

It’s time for Episode 7 of “Voices from the West,” our blog series featuring audio recordings of historical documents from the Museum’s Dickinson Research Center.

Our goal is to show that history is more than a timeline. At its core, it’s about people. And not just the famous and infamous, but the everyday and ordinary. If you missed previous episodes, you can start here.

About Lula

The oldest of six children, Lula had moved with her family from Texas to the Chickasaw Nation in 1898. They settled in Sugden, a small community near today’s Texas border that consisted primarily of farmers. She married Robert Willis Briscoe and together they had five children.

Listen Now

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Brannon Family Photograph, ca. 1905. Front Row: Juju, Julia (Juletta), Carl, and Elmer. Standing: Winnie and Frank. Courtesy of the Brunswick/Duncan Family. 

Girls’ Dresses from Sears, Roebuck, and Company Catalog, ca. 1902. Glenn D. Shirley Western Americana Collection. Dickinson Research Center. National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum. 

Fun Facts

Meet Lula’s mother and siblings! Taken around 1905 in Washington, Lula’s mother, Julia (Julettaanchors the family from the front row. Juju stands beside her while Carl and Elmer are to her right. Standing in the back are Winnie and Frank. Thank you to the Brunswick/Duncan Family for sharing this wonderful photograph. Lula often asked about her younger brothers and sisters and sent them gifts. The dress she sent Winnie in 1903 was likely similar to one of the illustrations seen here. 

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