Prix de West Highlights: Gone Fishing

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Hey Tim,

Your Prix de West Highlights: The Sky was terrific. I especially enjoyed the last piece you shared. Very clever. Let’s get another one up this week. People are very excited about being able to come back into the Museum this year in person. Let’s use this blog to really hook them. And, once again, you don’t need to include my email in the blog. This is just for your reference only.

-Seth “from Marketing”

Get them hooked. No problem!
Thanks, Tim

Come visit this year’s Prix de West and take a break from the stresses of fishing. Lol! Here are some great catches. Did you know that you can buy all the art in Prix de West? They make great Father’s Day gifts.

Here’s Tim Cherry’s “Stream Team.” I wasn’t sure if I should put this one in this blog or save it for “Prix de West Highlights: Gone Turtlin’.” Lol!

This is Brent Cotton’s “When Day Fades to Evening.” I didn’t even notice that there was a fisherman in this painting at first then I heard the quiet whisp of him casting his line in the distance. Lol!

Had to include this action sculpture. Kent Ullberg did name his piece after my blog, “Gone Fishing.” Lol!

This one is called “German Browns – A Nice Catch” by Michael Coleman. Great detail. It reminds me that you shouldn’t wait to come visit Prix de West because time really flies. Lol! If you don’t get it, show the painting to a fisherman. Lol!

This is Luke Frazier’s “A Forgotten Time.” Looks so peaceful, but I bet the cell reception is terrible. How will you be able to read my new Prix de West Highlights blogs. Tough choice. Lol!

Thanks, Tim

The 49th Annual Prix de West Invitational Art Exhibition & Sale will be on exhibit until August 8with sale weekend events happening June 25 – 26. Proxy services for the fixed-price sale and live auction will be available as soon as the exhibition opens until the night of the sale on June 26.

The exhibiting artists bring a diversity of styles to this significant art exhibition and sale. Works range from historical pieces that reflect the early days of the West, to more contemporary and impressionistic works of art. Landscapes, wildlife, and illustrative scenes are always highlighted in the exhibition.

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