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Prix de West Highlights: The Sky

Hey Tim,

Last year everyone loved your “Prix de West” highlight blogs. You want to take a stroll around the exhibition and see what catches your eye? I know people will love this blog series again. And just like last year, you don’t need to post my emails. Just jump right in with the blog.

-Seth “from Marketing”

I’ll get to strolling!
Thanks, Tim

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It’s been pretty rainy and gloomy around Oklahoma City recently, so these beautiful skies really made me stop and take a look. Now you can take a look on here. Hopefully, it will make you want to come in and take a look in person because Prix de West is back folks!

“The World Above” by Josh Elliot feels to me like the start of a day where the storms have passed and blue skies are on the way. Kind of like being able to share Prix de West in person this year. Things are looking up!

The sky doesn’t get much brighter than in Tim Solliday’s “Yellow Sky.” Have you ever seen a sky like that in person?

This one is called “Autumn Calm” by G. Russell Case. Another great sky. And if you look closely you can see some riders enjoying the day. What would be better than riding under that sky?

No one would know a great sky better than a bird in flight. Here’s Tony Angell’s “Swifts over Canyon.” Who knew you could make a sky by carving in slate? Well, Tony did. Lol!

Who loves Prix de West paintings with amazing clouds? This sky. Lol! Here’s Joel R. Johnson’s “Sunset Reflections.”

Thanks, Tim

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The 49th Annual Prix de West Invitational Art Exhibition & Sale will be on exhibit until August 8with sale weekend events happening June 25 – 26. Proxy services for the fixed-price sale and live auction will be available as soon as the exhibition opens until the night of the sale on June 26.

The exhibiting artists bring a diversity of styles to this significant art exhibition and sale. Works range from historical pieces that reflect the early days of the West, to more contemporary and impressionistic works of art. Landscapes, wildlife, and illustrative scenes are always highlighted in the exhibition.

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