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The Museum will be closed to the public on December 15 for a Private Event.

Private Events

Prosperity Junction Event Space

Transport your guests to a bygone era as they experience Prosperity Junction, a turn-of-the-century cattle town with rail connections. The town has its own history and its own location – somewhere in the West. The railroad arrived a few years ago and the days of raw frontier are fading as goods and services from the East transform it into a settled community.

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The time of day is just after sunset and most of the 19 buildings stand two-stories tall with light streaming from doors and windows illuminating Main Street. Guests can order a drink in the Silver Dollar Saloon, take a selfie in Osborn Photography, and explore the school house, church, bank, and train depot.

Sounds of life lend to the town with the tones of a distant train whistle, the faintly heard barking of a dog, the rushing of the wind across the prairie. Meanwhile, the upbeat piano tunes in the Saloon contrasts the peaceful hymns from the church organ. This balanced combination of light and sound enhance an already dramatic setting.

This space seats 150-190, varies on the set-up needs.


Rental Fee: $1800

Setup Fee: $420
Security Fee: $400
Prosperity Junction Theater: $500 (plus audio visual technician fee)

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