Listen to Tim Read a Christmas Classic then Bring this Bedtime Buckaroo Story Home

Posted on November 29, 2021 by Seth "from Marketing" Spillman in

Join us Monday evenings as we spark imaginations by hosting virtual bedtime stories with “Bedtime Buckaroos,” presented by Paycom.

Storytime plays a vital role in introducing children to the magic of books. Each week we’ll feature a new engaging  story read by local authors, community leaders, traditional storytellers and Museum staff.’

This week, Tim, Director of Security/Deputy Marketer, reads an original Cowboy Christmas Story starring Tim, Cookie and Seth from Marketing with a special guest appearance by Santa Claus.

Now listen to Tim read “Twas the Night Before Christmas in the West” by the Museum’s own Christopher Winfield and illustrated by Kevin King.

Get your book here:

(Location: Prosperity Junction, The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum’s 1890’s Old West Cattle Town.)

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About the Reader

Tim is Director of Security and Operations Services/Deputy Member of the Marketing Team helping out with the social media.

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