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Prix de West Highlights: Sounds!

Hey Tim,

That was a quality blog “Prix de West Highlights: Mustaches!” See anything else that caught your eye while you’ve been exploring Prix de West. People would love to see your next Highlights! 

I know that I’ve said this before but feel free to just start writing the blog. Just jump right in. These instructions you can just delete. Go ahead and delete them now.

-Seth “from Marketing”

Happy to do it!
Thanks, Tim

I noticed a cool thing in the art.  You can’t hear a sound, but when the art is so good there’s a lot to listen to. Today’s blog is all about the sounds the art isn’t making.

This is Michael Coleman’s “Upper Geyser Basin.” Nature isn’t quiet. Can’t you just hear the water blasting out of the ground and raining back? Don’t get too close to this painting without your umbrella. Lol!

On a cold night maybe the only sound in Tom Browning’s “Winter Camp” is a crackling fire.

Here’s Paul Moore’s “Song to the Autumn Spirits.” Close your eyes and you can almost hear it.

Jason Rich’s “Parting Company” is filled with sounds. Hooves. Chaps. Thuds. Snorts. You can even imagine the sounds right after this moment of rolling in the dirt groaning and aching. Lol!

One of my favorites is Kent Ullberg’s “Whistleblower.” His music draws you in and then he lures you into his river with his eyes. Don’t look directly at him! Too late! You’re a groupie now. Lol!

Thanks, Tim

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