Prix de West Highlights: Mustaches!

Posted on August 25, 2020 by Tim in

Hey Tim,

Great job on the blog “Prix de West Highlights: Hidden Animals!”  People really love your perspective on the Prix de West art. This is the biggest Western Art show in the world and your take is bringing in lots of new viewers and fans.  Is there something else that stands out to you in the works that you would like to highlight this week? And again, just start typing in WordPress. You don’t need to include this email.

-Seth “from Marketing”

Got it!
Thanks, Tim

True art is a quality mustache. I’m sure Sam Elliot said that in some movie. Here are some of my mustache favorites for 2020.

Here’s Morgan Weistling’s “The Posse, In Pursuit of the Cook Gang, 1894.” Nothing like the wind blowing through your mustache while riding your steed in the name of justice.

This is Bill Nebeker’s sculpture “High Noon.” It has it all! Quality mustache and a tick tock! Lol! #HashtagTheCowboy Thanks, Tim

He’s thinking to himself that his mustache is art worthy.  This is Carrie L. Ballantyne’s “Man of Wyoming.”

Check out Scott Tallman Powers’ “The Village Storyteller.” Before the social media, this is the person you checked in with to hear what’s happening. He knew all about the #Hashtags.

Here’s Sherrie McGraw’s “A Distant Horizon.” Makes me wonder if I should grow my hair out.

Morgan Weistling’s “The Watering Trough” is quality mustache full. Just when you think you’ve found the quality mustache, SAM ELLIOT! There’s another!

Bonus points for artist Morgan Weistling’s actual mustache!

Thanks, Tim

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