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Liichokoshkomo’. Say it with us, “Lee-cho-kosh-ko-MO.” Liichokoshkomo’ is more than 100,000 square feet dedicated to learning and family fun. Engaging activities and learning by doing bring history to life for museum guests of all ages, with emphasis on purposeful play.

Liichokoshkomo’ is a project of the Annie Oakley Society, which we are spotlighting all month, and conceived by Lynn Friess and Cathy Keating, Co-Founders and National Co-Chairs of AOS, as part of the mission to focus on education for children and families. The concept was over a year in the planning before it finally got the go-ahead to be constructed on the land outside the Museum.

Liichokoshkomo’ offers STEAM activities, guided learning and expert-led classes to give families a different way to experience history, culture and diversity. Sharing Western Heritage was an important part of the educational experience.

“As a little girl, I was always interested in my Western Heritage.  Even in the picture I sent, you can see, I was on a horse with my gun when I was about 5 years old.  I grew up around horses all my life, even barrel raced some when my Dad and I enjoyed the Rodeo with our family.  I received my first saddle from my Grandfather when I was 9 months old, with my name tooled on it,  and I still have it at the Ranch today,” explains Judy Hatfield, member of the Associate Board and the Oklahoma Chair of the Annie Oakley Society.

Metro Family Magazine said, “My favorite part was the different Native structures that delve into the diversity of Native American cultures. Often times, TV show and movies emulate a narrow aspect of tribal cultures. Liicho dives much deeper. My kids raced to each structure eager to explore inside each one. I was impressed to find an immersive environment inside including a fire, some had seating and they even incorporate sound. It’s like you are really there.”
(photos courtesy: Metro Family Magazine)

With the funds raised from Annie Oakley Society memberships and fundraising efforts, AOS is able to provide a unique, hands-on experience not available anywhere else. Liichokoshkomo’ highlights the diversity of the West with exhibits that include an ancient Puebloan cliff dwelling, a trading post and a prairie sod house among others. You can help support the future of AOS and its mission of hands-on education of children and empowering and inspiring the next generation through a donation or by becoming a member of AOS.

Now’s the perfect time to come explore Liichokoshkomo, where there’s room to roam. Discover the newest Western art in Prix de West 2020 and then become a part of Western history as you get lost in Liichokoshkomo. Stay tuned for our Virtual Opening Celebration on September 17th!

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