Prix de West Highlights: Hidden Animals!

Posted on August 18, 2020 by Tim in

Hey Tim,

Everyone loved your last blog “Prix de West Highlights: Dogs!”  Do you have any ideas on what you could highlight in another blog this week? And again, you don’t have to include this email in your blog post. Just start the blog. 

-Seth “from Marketing”

I’ve got a great idea for a blog!
Thanks, Tim

I’ve learned from my time in the Museum to take your time with each piece of art. You will notice all sorts of details you wouldn’t expect. This week’s blog is “Hidden Animals!” You might have missed these amazing creatures with your first glance.

This is James Morgan’s “Beaver Pond in Winter.” This one is tricky. You’d think you should be looking for beavers. Instead, there’s a bunch of ducks!

Check out Len Chmiel’s “Scrub Jay Breakfast Menu…Rose Hips.” There’s that song about not wanting scrubs. But these scrub jays are adorable. We need a new song! Lol!

Thought I’d throw in a cool sculpture here. This one is pretty amazing. How many sculptures have a hidden inside? Steve Kestrel’s does. It’s “Rock Squirrel Nestingstone.”

You can “bearly” see him. Lol! Enjoy Francois Koch’s “Roaming the Territory.”

He must have heard the paintbrush because he’s looking right at us in Joseph Bohler’s “Into the Open.”

Even zoomed in these deer are really well hidden. I really like Quang Ho’s “Edge of Dusk.”

Did you find any other hidden animals in the Prix de West exhibition that I missed?

Thanks, Tim

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