Liichokoshkomo’ Virtual Opening Celebration

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Liichokoshkomo’ Virtual Opening Celebration
Sponsored by Wells Fargo

September 17, 2020, 6:00 p.m.

Liichokoshkomo’, pronounced “Lee-cho-kosh-ko-MO” is a 100,000 sq ft educational outdoor experience spearheaded by the Annie Oakley Society.

Lynn Friess and Cathy Keating, Co-Founders and National Co-Chairs of the Annie Oakley Society started the Annie Oakley Society to lead the way in expanding the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum’s focus on education for children and families.

Liichokoshkomo encourages children to participate in STEAM activities, provides guided learning and offers expert-led classes.

Children can learn what it was like to live in the old West from learning what you should prioritize in loading your wagon for your journey west in the Greens’ Wagon Interactive

to grinding corn at the Pawnee Earth Lodge

or roping steer in the McKnight Rodeo.

There will be cross-cultural events to highlight the diversity of the West in the Ann Lacy Demonstration Area.

Families can even explore intertribal the Native American village including Puebloan Cliff Dwellings, Hopi Dwelling, Kiowa Tipi, Navajo Hogan, Caddo Dwelling, Pawnee Earth Lodge and Chickasaw Council House. They won’t want to miss the Express Train Depot, the McKnight Rodeo Arena, Bob & Syliva Slater Waterfall, a Prairie Sod House, the Gaylord Corral, Love’s Trading Post and more.

There’s even the Friess Family Playground for kids of all ages, right Tim?

“Liichokoshkomo’s… a teaching tool for all children and adults. Education of the Code of the West is immensely important these days…honor, integrity, truth, your word is your bond, honoring your parents… all the wonderful codes of the West need to be shown and told to the generations,” explained Lynn.

You can help support the future of AOS and its mission of hands-on education of children and empowering and inspiring the next generation of women through a donation or by becoming a member of AOS. Be a part of the future as we help explore and better understand the past.

For questions contact Abbey Trent at (405) 478-2250 ext. 262 or

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