Small Works, Great Wonders Highlights: Animals!

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Small Works, Great Wonders has so many great pieces featuring animals this year. Can you pick out a few of your favorites to highlight in a blog post?

Also, we want to tell people they can proxy bid with this link: . It’s so easy! So, if you could share the link, that would be great. You can write an introduction to this blog, but don’t need to include the rest of what I wrote. People don’t need to read my bit.

Let them know the 2020 Small Works, Great Wonders art sale will open Friday, November 13 at 6:00 p.m.


-Seth “from Marketing”

Link posted!
Thanks, Tim

This is Flavia Eckholm’s “Hide and Seek.” Not sure which one of us was hiding or seeking but I think one of us is caught. Lol!

This is a pencil drawing and not a photo! It’s Brenda J. Murphy’s
“Directionally Challenged.” Obviously. He’s stopping to ask for directions since he doesn’t have GPS. Lol!

This is a paint-ing. Lol! “Wild One” by Greg Wilson.

Who’s a good girl? Who’s a good girl? They all are really. Here’s Harold T. Holden’s “Cedar Shade.”

“Catnap Interrupted” by Edward Aldrich. This is the kind of cat whose nap you probably shouldn’t be interrupting. Lol!

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