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Volunteer of the Year

It takes a lot of people and a lot of hard work to keep The Cowboy running smoothly. Perhaps the most important members of the team are the extraordinary volunteers who dedicate their time, experience and knowledge to make sure visitors have a memorable time at the Museum.

Each year, the Museum education staff selects an Interpreter of the Year (volunteer who best “translates” the art and gives its context to the guests), while peers choose a Volunteer of the Year from among their ranks. This year, Michael Zink received both awards for 2020!

“Michael is probably the most enthusiastic person I’ve ever met. He is always excited for everything,” said John Lodge, the Museum’s School and Family Programs Coordinator.  “That enthusiasm is infectious for…fellow volunteers, for the staff, and for the visitors as well.”

During the unprecedented challenges of 2020, Michael continued to volunteer at the Museum and enthusiastically helped wherever he was needed. His passion for the art, history and stories of the West drives him to invest many hours of his own time researching and creating stories to truly inspire visitors and provide them with the best experience possible at the Museum.

Michael greatly enjoys working with the employees and volunteers at the Museum and considers it his role to always be positive and helpful. Michael can be seen walking the Museum’s galleries wearing a black cowboy hat and engaging visitors with stories of the West.

“Michael is truly dedicated to achieving the mission of The Cowboy through his volunteering efforts,” said Todd Bridgewater, the Museum’s Manager of Volunteer Engagement. “I am personally encouraged and inspired by Michael and, truth be told, I want to be like him when I grow up!”

Michael received the two awards during a June ceremony at the Museum. Both were designed by John Rule, an American sculptor and saddle maker whose work is featured at The Cowboy.

Volunteer at The Cowboy

Do you want to be like Michael and share your knowledge of the West and engage visitors from all over the world? Become a docent! Docents are both teachers and learners. Docents create the social and educative environment in which Museum teaching and learning take place. They work in the galleries and classrooms, conduct museum-based lessons and integrating tour themes with exhibition content. Some docents choose to work with all ages, while others prefer working with just adults or with students. (Training occurs annually on Tuesdays and Thursdays in August and September).

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