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The Museum will be closed to the public on December 15 for a Private Event.

#HashtagTheCowboy Guest Book

Seth from Marketing put a Guest Book in the  #HashtagTheCowboy exhibition and so many folks left me messages. People came from all over the world. That’s pretty amazing! I want to share some of the messages with you. 

The exhibition ends this Sunday the 8th. Don’t miss it! Come and sign the guest book. Lol!

“Came out to meet you, Tim. Guess you’re at the lake today. Thanks for the laughs and positivity. The Museum is even nicer than I thought. #HashtagThanks” -Erin Skornig, Jefferson City, MO

Thanks, Erin. You know I just can’t stay away from the lake. Lol!

“Came all the way from Israel to see the American West! Thank you!” -Pioren, Tel-Aviv

No. Thank you for coming all that way. How exciting!

“During the shutdown my wife would read me your posts on F/Book. We would sit and just laugh and laugh!!!” -Mark Culver, Canton Ga

Thanks, Mark. They weren’t supposed to be funny posts though. Lol!

“I’ve been following you online for the past year. Now, I’ll be talking about you to my PR/Social media classes – probably forever!” – Amanda Stevenson-Holmes

Thanks, Amanda. Now I just need someone to talk about me to their Museum Security classes. Lol!

“Sorry. I accidentally pulled your pen out. I put it back. I will outline your pen.” – Riley, Edmond, OK

No problem. I didn’t like that pen anyway. Lol!

“Mom wore her #HashtagTheCowboy shirt just for you while visiting.” – Asup Family, OKC

I’ve got a shirt like that too! Lol!

If you want to get your own #HashtagTheCowboy t-shirt, hat, or mug of hot Arbuckles, you can visit the Museum Store online.


I’m so grateful for all of the love and support you’ve given me and this wonderful Museum since all this craziness began.

Thanks, Tim

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