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Tad Lucas Award
Awarded in 2022
Martha Josey

Martha Josey


Each year, the family of trick-riding legend Tad Lucas bestows the Tad Lucas Memorial Award upon a living female whose actions promote the values represented by Tad Lucas. The 2022 Tad Lucas Memorial Award honoree is Martha Josey.

Martha Josey’s rodeo career began when she purchased a horse, CeBe Reed, from her family friend with $2500 she borrowed from her mother in 1964. The pair went on to win 52 barrel races in a row, seven horse trailers, four Texas barrel racing championships, won 30 of 34 AQHA shows and qualified for the 1968 and 1969 NFRs. She and her next horse, Sonny Bit O’Both were also champions, with Sonny being the only horse in history to win both AQHA and WPRA World Championships in the same year. Martha was chosen to represent the United States in the 1988 Calgary Olympics. Martha and her subsequent horses continued to win championships through 2005, while she personally overcame hardships and obstacles including a potentially paralizing injury. After her nearly 50 year rodeo career, Martha is considered to be one of the most accomplished barrel races worldwide by many. Martha also impacted the lives of many by lending her skills to training young barrel racers.

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