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The Traditional Cowboy Arts Association (TCAA) is dedicated to preserving and promoting the skills of Saddlemaking, Bit and Spur Making, Silversmithing and Rawhide Braiding. “Continuing the Tradition” is our new video series showing the history of each of the traditional cowboy art disciplines and how TCAA artists are helping to continue those traditions. In this first edition, learn more about the history of silversmithing and the role of this craft in the cowboy culture of the North American West.

Buckle, Scott Hardy 2022

Buckle, Scott Hardy, Traditional Cowboy Arts Exhibition & Sale 2022


The works of a master silversmith carry deep meaning as they speak to the personality of both the artist and wearer. The traditional technique of a western silversmith is a rare expertise which utilizes bright cut engraving for elaborate designs that reflect light in precious metals. The master silversmiths of the Traditional Cowboy Arts Association help carry on this legacy of craftsmanship with their working works of art.

The Museum is proud to partner with the TCAA to showcase the best examples of their art during our annual Traditional Cowboy Arts Exhibition & Sale, September 30 – October 1. Items will remain on exhibit through January 2, 2023.

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